Super Duper Mega Giveaway!


If you haven’t seen my friend and colleague Amaunets channel, and you enjoy thoughtful commentary on well driven games, you are missing out. That is my straight faced, honest opinion.

If it weren’t for Amaunet85, I wouldn’t be a Community Contributor, it’s that simple. She both showed me I didn’t have to be a youtuber in order to be a contributor, and supported me when I sent in my application.

I have said many times – if someone actually paid  me to do this, it would be the best job in the world.


So why this shameless plug? Well, because you can get lots of free stuff! That’s always nice.

But there is also something else you can do, and that is to make Wargaming listen to her more. You can very easily satisfy yourself Amaunet has your interests as a player at heart, and she always have. The simple truth is, the more subscribers she has, the more Wargaming will listen to what she has to say.

Also, the more subscribers she has, the more stuff she will get to give away! You can find out all the details in the video below, but basically: help Amaunets channel grow a little, subscribe and leave a comment, and you are in the giveaway. Have your friends do the same; the more subscribers at the end of the giveaway, the more prizes there will be!


Go. Do it now:


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