WZ-111 Final Evaluation


111 Afterthought




So if you didn’t get the WZ-111 already and you want it, you’ll have to wait for the next opportunity. Hopefully, it’ll have lost some of its “new tank” allure by then, and be sold a little cheaper.

Yea, I’m still on a premium tank acquisition diet here…

But when I woke up yesterday, the first thing I wanted to do was drive my new tank, and so it being the summer holidays, that’s what I did. Ran into Bucks85th from Vanguard, too:



That’s not a spectacular game by any means. Just a straight push through B and then some hull down work, and of course I can’t resist a few quick short flanks. But that’s not the point.

The point is I feel I made the right decision.


If you were suspecting the WZ-111 might just be another tier VIII Soviet-style Heavy tank, then yeah; that’s all it is. And if you didn’t get it because you have the 112 Glacial already, or the IS-5, or maybe several similar tanks, then likewise that was prudent of you.

But it makes me happy. “Wargaming got me again”, I will say, but you know I love this stuff. Being a bit of a gold noob, and driving flash new tanks. Even paying a bit too much is kind of a part of it, just like the Hype 59. I still go on about how expensive that was and how I should have my head examined for buying it.

But yeah. I like it a lot. Or maybe I like having it a lot, which isn’t necessarily the same thing. Remember I haven’t done like 7.000 games in the Defender or IS-6, so this pike nose Heavy tank gig is still pretty new to me.

No one needs a tier VIII credit grinder, but they do make life easier. And once you get into the habit, it’s hard to give it up, especially if you’ve started playing higher tiers a lot like I have. Being a long time player, I don’t mind spending a bit of real cash on the game once in a while, but I don’t actually have a lot of tier VIII premium Heavy tanks.

I just think they are boring. There is quite enough IS clone spam out there without me helping compound the problem.

This means, I haven’t driven a lot of these tanks except on the press account, and the Object 730 especially I really liked right away because it was so easy to drive and the armour profile made total sense to me. Trying the IS-8 out later, I had the same feeling.

Even though the IS-5 dirt cheap, I quickly realised I wouldn’t be getting one any time soon. But it turned me on to the Chinese Heavys, and in the WZ-111 model 1-4 I found exactly what I had been wanting; a pike nose brawler that wasn’t the IS-5, IS-7 or the IS-8.


Compared to some of the others, the WZ-111 is a little bigger, but it also has really solid frontal turret armour. The complicated pike nose actually works better than you think it would in brawling situations. Having a look in Armour Inspector, you can see right away how it’s supposed to work:



That’s against an IS-3 with the BL-9, lesser guns will struggle more. You will note also the huge lower plate, which is actually not as angled as for example the Glacial, so that’s a really weak spot. Still, not something a Heavy tank driver would be surprised by.

It’s not going too bad for me. I’m winning quite a few games, but not exactly putting out massive amounts of damage, however I feel like that’s mostly down to still being a bit unfamiliar with the tank. The gun is pretty derpy, but I am also too reckless letting off my shots a lot of the time.

Not going to bore you with further minutiae, suffice it to say if you are looking for a tier VIII premium Heavy tank, there is bound to be one out there for you. If you are not very experienced, it won’t really matter which one you pick, as long as you think it looks good, or it has some advantage you know how to take advantage of.

This one is mine. It’s for me. The one I respond to. And it’s not because it’s the best one; there may not even be such a tank, and besides it would obviously be the IS-5. But it is the one that fits me the best, and so that is why I feel I made the right decision.


Even though it was too expensive…


“Let’s go die like morons!”


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