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So it’s been several hours now since the last instance of moderation on the forum. Before that, it was something like nine months.

You can all see the result.

I went on an extended hiatus early this spring, awaiting the arrival of new forum moderators.

This has not materialised.

Last I heard, WG feel the forum is outdated, and they are looking to move to a different platform, like Discord. Web based forums, they feel, belong to the stone age. You can see Bushka making this argument in the tank fest foorage right after having spoken to the developers.

Me, I feel that woudl be a big mistake, and I thought I’d just explain why.

First of all, it’s not going to solve the actual problem. There will still need to be moderation.

Second, not everyone are comfortable using an additional app. The forum can be accessed with any standard web browser, which people already use. It’s easy to access for newer players who are curious or just looking for some information.

Third, the forum has been around ever since the game launched. It’s where a lot of players who have been around for a while forged their first bonds of friendship that later turned into clans. It’s a source of information, an archinve, and a social setting all at once.

I could go on, but those are my main issues.


Personally, I really miss the forum. These days I feel more at ease, and my writing I feel is going better and better, but I don’t feel connected to the community in the same way I used to. Chances are, if you are not in my inner Discord or Twitter circle, you’ll never see a word of what I write. Twenty people read what I post rather than two hundred.

That is not about stats. It’s about what I try to do in the first place, which is be a part of the meta discussion about the game.

I have some pretty good tools to be doing that. A highly elitist collection of tanks. A press account with unlimited resources. Acces to test servers and supertest tanks. A direct line of communication to Wargaming.

But more than all that, I enjoy engaging with people about the game, how it works, and things you can do to enhance your experience. I am not looking to hit a million subscribers. I never earned a single dollar doing any of this; I’m not on patreon, I don’t monetize any content, and the only reason you sometimes see ads reading my papers is so I don’t have to pay to post them.

You know, like on the forum.

I just feel like a wasted resource. And I feelt he same about the forum. It’s a huge wasted resource. And for fucks sake, it wouldn’t take very much to turn it into a useful and worthwhile one.

All that needs to happen is for someone to make sure everyone follows the rules, myself included.


If you feel like you could use a wasted resource in some manner, please do let me know. You can find a collection of my recent papers at the IrmaBecx School Of Tank Philosophy, linked in my signature below.

If not, please at least take a moment to report me for swearing. You never know, someone might take note, which would make me extremely happy.

As it is, I just thought I’d comment this momentous occasion. This is not me returning to the forum; please direct any comments to my self-moderated comment section in the link below:

Never Give Up!



3 thoughts on “Anniversary Forum Post

  1. Before I installed the game, bought tanks and gold, I informed myself in the forum. I found some salty comments. BUT a lot of helpful hints, game guides and also a little tank lore.
    Some comments were nice, funny, full of knowledge and I wanted to belong to this community. I think many feel that way, even though they only read in the forum. Like I did for months.
    The forum should not be underestimated as the main source.
    All this has made me play WoT Blitz and also buy tanks, gold and premium for it.
    Greetings Player2998

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