Crate of the Month: T95E2


The 220K Gold Tank




So this months “crate of the month” tank is the T95E2. Let’s do the short version:

Don’t buy crates. If you want to spend money on the game, buy something else. The T95E2 has either a 1 or a 5% drop rate, I am not sure, but I do know I bought eight sets of 20 boxes on the press account in order to unlock it.

With these boxes, you are guaranteed to get a tank. But if you want this particular tank, you still have almost endless opportunities for disappointment. You will however end up with a complete collection of lower tier US premium tanks.

So yeah, the T95E2 could end up being hilariously expensive. Mine would have been like twelve times the price of the WZ-111, which I think was in itself too expensive to begin with.

So yea. Don’t buy crates. Again.



As for the actual vehicle, you likewise have to treat me as a bit of a hostile witness. I’m not a huge fan of US vehicles. I am especially not a huge fan of the turret in question, which is the same one you’ll find on the 59-Patton.

Or, you would think so. It looks suspiciously similar. The gun is the exact same, except for one degree less gun depression. The US turret front is actually weaker. The hull is also weaker, although inexplicably the Hypetton is almost 10 tons lighter than the T95E2.

While the 59-Patton has the regular Hype diesel, the T95E2 gets a Continental gasoline engine with more power. It’s the classic armour-versus-mobility trade of. The T95E2 is pretty agile, it gets around better and so doesn’t have to rely on the armour as much.

Armour, yeah… You have that huge weakspot that pokes over any obstacle way before you do, and there isn’t a tier VII Light or Medium out there that doesn’t know to aim for it.

I will say the weapon is fantastic. Super stable on the move, and snap shots really well. It’s a classic gun depression Medium.


If I’m being honest, the T95E2 is more pleasant than I am making it out to be; I have kind of made up my mind about it already, which is of course unprofessional.

But this is mainly to do with the way it is being sold. I feel for anyone who is keen on the T95E2 specifically, because you have a 95% chance to be disappointed with every crate you open.

Still, if you happen to be extremely lucky, or you like American prototype tanks and money is no object for you, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in the T95E2.


Me, I prefer the Hypetton, actually.

Never thought I’d be saying that


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