Considering the WZ-111


Yea, what the title says




So I came super close to dropping the 40 plus € it takes to get the new Chinese Wonder as soon as it had dropped. I had no idea it was coming.

Well, I had some idea. It’s not hard. I follow the Blitz Twitter page; they always post “spy pics” of tanks in development, and of course I am a member of several social contexts where pixel tanks and their future is a hot topic of conversation. I even follow “Big” WoT content to keep myself up to date.

If you were to ask me today, I have about the same information you do. I know the T-55A is coming. And the AMX 30B, the VK 72.01 (K) and some others. It’s public knowledge. These days I am not only a CC, I am a supertester as well. But not all tanks go through external testing, sometimes they just appear as if out of the blue.

It’s not like I wasn’t ready for it. I’ve done like 400 games in the WZ-111 1-4; which this is the tier VIII variant of; i’ve driven the Glacial, the Obj 730, the IS-8, pretty much all relevant tanks in comparison. I like the Glacial. The IS-5 too. Of course I am a big fan of the model 1-4; easily my second favourite tier IX Heavy tank after the Kpz 70. I realised with a slightly sinking feeling I am the core demographic here.

So yea, if you had asked me whether or not I would be interested in a Chinese premium tank, I would have prolly said “yes”. If you had asked me whether or not I’d be interested in a tier VIII Heavy tank, I would have said “no”. That’s about the size of it.


So when the 111 dropped, first of all I was 100% sure I wasn’t going to see it for at least three days, because that always happens. Tank drops on Friday, we all get it on Monday. This time they do have a good excuse because it was Tankfest and people have been busy, but it’s always the same it seems.

Second, I thought I had a pretty good idea about what the 111 was going to be all about. If you look at the armour profile, it’s the same as the tier IX except it doesn’t have the weak bottom hull angling up at the sides; the whole side is 80 mm. It should side scrape better, in other words.

Also, it only does 35. That’s about the bottom limit for me in terms of mobility. The 111 model 1-4 does 50. You don’t get the 130 either, it’s a bog standard 122 mm with APCR standard. It’s the Glacial gun, only it’s more stable on the move with one degree less of gun depression (5 degrees).

The Glacial is the closest comparison; this is basically the same tank with a different armour profile. Early concerns were raised if you have the Glacial already, you don’t really need the WZ-111. The same I suppose is true for the IS-5 or any other tier VIII IS clone.

So yeah. I’d drive it. Totally. It looks good on paper. There were also a few other arguments in favour:

One, it’s Chinese. I never bought a Chinese premium tank I didn’t end up being really satisfied with.

Two, I can actually buy it. It’s a regular bundle. Also I get all nine slots unlocked, which saves me a bunch of grinding time. Sure, it’s expensive, but it’s a guaranteed purchase.

Three, it’s not often I get the opportunity to be a gold noob early adopter like this, for real. Not because I am driving a test tank or a press account loaner.

Where is the problem?


Well, for one thing, do I actually need another tier VIII Premium Heavy tank? Will I drive it? What I am really thinking about these days is actually the CDC – I’m so disappointed I didn’t work harder at the grind. I’ve been talking about wanting the CDC for ages.

My suspicion is the WZ-111 isn’t the right tank for me; it’s just the right-now tank.  What I *really* want is to be a gold noob, not a WZ-111 driver.

Also, my other Chinese premiums are a Light and a Medium, both acknowledged as some of the finest tanks in the game. No actual reason I would enjoy the 111 just because it’s Chinese.

But most of all, the whole thing kind of irks me. I try not to be ungrateful, but it’s hard not to feel that being a CC, I should actually drive the tank before making a decision on buying it for myself. I mean, that’s like my job here.

It is now Tuesday. No sign of the WZ-111 yet, I just checked. There’s nothing doing.

So far, from what I’ve seen, the WZ-111 should be similar to the WZ-111 model 1-4 in the sense that it resembles its Russian counterpart, only without the Russian bias. I’ve seen the thing move, and it looks reasonably mobile, on par with other Chinese. That doesn’t worry me.

What worries me is the utility. I know I’m not going to get a lot of mileage out of a tier VIII premium Heavy tank unless I form some kind of connection to it. Had I actually driven it, I would have known right away. As it is, I can’t make the decision on the WZ-111 by its reputation alone, because it doesn’t really have one yet.

I know, because I’m the one people keep asking about it.

If I was going to be a gold noob, I should have done that five days ago. At this point, I’m just hoping I’ll get to try it out while I can still buy it.


Stay tuned?


The elusive WZ-111



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