What I Did On My Summer Holiday


So yesterday I did something amazing.

You may recall I put stage II equipment on my Type 58 so all my China tanks would have the same green camo, and looking through my garage, my eyes fell on it.

Hmm. No point in having all the other upgrades without the Vstab. How much is that? 133.000 credits. As I recall the Type 58 doesn’t exactly rake in the credits, but it’s not as bad as the higher tiers. It should easily be able to grind its own vertical stabiliser.

I used to do this all the time. Let tanks grind their own equipment. So I dropped some useless credit boosters, and even though I managed to lose every single game, after five or six, I had made the 130 K.

Now, here’s the amazing part. I just klicked on the box, my credits disappeared, and Bam! – there it was. My little Chinese T-34-85 has a Vstab. Just like that.

So I rolled out, and ended up on Yamato harbour I think; I may be wrong. But anyway, there is a tank up on the camping shelf, and I am going full tilt (meaning 45 or so) trying to get in cover before it sees me.

But I have Vstabs now, and the reticule doesn’t look so bad, so I snap the shot, and it flies true; smashing through the armour next to the gun mantlet for a solid 182 damage low roll. Practically free damage.

I was dead a minute and a half later, and I don’t know how it went. We may have won that one, but I think it was a loss as well; either way that’s not the point.

I was instantly rewarded for my efforts, and I was able to se a marked improvement in performance right away. I had the idea I would put Vstabs on my Hype 58, so I did, and now it works a little better. I know that, because it took me maybe 45 minutes in all and there wasn’t a gap of several days in the experience.

Immensely gratifying.


You can’t tell but this little monster has Vstabs now. Also yea, I was wrong. It was Malinowka.


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