5.0 – First Impressions


five Point O M G




I likened anticipating update 5.0 to getting to have my birthday all over again, and having now opened all my presents so to speak, I feel it was a fitting metaphor.

I just got done putting the new “Strong Willed” camo on almost all tanks that got it – the only ones who can wear it at the moment but don’t are my Foch (155) “Destroyer”, my Object 140 “Terror”, and of course my little Black Dog. All others are now robins egg green.

You are right, I’ve never heard about that colour either, but I suppose that must be what it is. It has the typical black splotches robin eggs do, only it’s a darkish middle green where you would expect turquoise or cyan.

It does look good on German tanks, and I briefly considered it, but I just can’t do it. I mean it’s my little Black Dog. It has to be black, or neither of us will be happy. I can’t make it wear a green disguise like that

Speaking of the 140, that’s got a new attachment. Not bad looking, only it obstructs the numbers of the “Terror” camo on both sides of the turret. It’s a couple of boxes, a roll of wire, and an infrared light on top. Kind of expensive for something that is purely cosmetic, but I like it all the same, because it’s something to look forward to on a top tier vehicle. Not a lot of those things around, excluding the legendary camouflages.

I opened some slots on my tier II tanks; it’s only 7 or 8000 credits, so what the hey? But having six slots opened now that the update is live doesn’t get you the “Strong Willed” camo; if you didn’t get it already, you missed your chance.


So selling off all the regular paint jobs brought a couple of hundred thousand credits, but other than that I still have the same credit buffer I used to.

What happened this update was all my spare part boosters got converted to spare parts, and in the next update they will be converted to credits at the rate of 12 credits per 1 spare part.

It says in the news you’ll be able to exchange your spare parts for credits, gold, and premium time in the “Offers” section of the in-game store, but as of this moment, the store hasn’t updated yet.

When it does update, you’ll be able to get the same exchange rate; 12 to 1, if you convert your spare parts in increments of 100.000. Converting 5000 at a time will get you 60.000 credits, so that’s 10 to 1. EDIT: No, it isn’t. It’s the same, 12 to 1. Too early, Irma?

I’m not sure I care, but if you do, all you have to do is nothing, and when update 5.1 comes around, all your spare parts will become credits at the higher same exchange rate.


So that’s the basics taken care of; my garage now full of freshly painted, newly buffed death machines so ready for action they are tugging at their reins.

There’s some new terrain to be explored. I’ve already been there and seen it, but that never compares to once it goes live; the only map I can remember that works pretty much the exact way I thought it would is Alpenstadt.

If I had to guess, new Vineyards will play a lot like old Vineyards did, only some positions will no longer be viable. As far as I recall it’s flatter and more open; symptomatic I suppose of reworked maps, and I’ll be interested to see what that means in terms of camping or playing the rear guard. What Wargaming do is they look at heat maps, and if players always seem to congregate at the exact same points on the map, they will try and rework those positions.

E50 M got buffed. STB-1 as well. My first and second tier X tank ever; that’s an obvious paper I need to write. WZ-120 got buffed; that was already excellent, and now it has more DPM and free camouflage. Also a paper in the making.

Alpenstadt may be my new favourite map. I should write about that as well.

Oh yea, and the Black Dog got buffed. That’s just hilarious, I don’t even know where to start. Paper coming. If you are on your way to getting a free CDC (I failed at that), then that’s been buffed as well. It is now faster, more agile and more robust.

AMX 13.90 got buffed. In the best of all possible worlds, that would be because there is a branch of French Medium tanks coming that would branch off it, but sadly that’s just my wishful thinking. What does seem to be on the horizon though is the AMX M4 mle. 49. Not very hard to guess, it’s in the loading screen next to the 59-Patton and the M4 Revalorisé:


Yeah, that’s definitely a French Tiger II on the right


I’d like to stress that is a guess at this point. I have no actual information about the AMX M4 49, other than I have seen it on the official Blitz Twitter page back in April, and so I knew it was in development.

From what I have heard, it should play similarly to the Moai tanks; the Duck Mutants or whatever you prefer. The big headed Americans. They both have strong frontal armour, but ony directly from the front. As soon as you get a bit of side angle, their armour is totally weak. You may have heard the M4 49 is a monster on PC, and I’m sure that’s true. But remember with the smaller maps in Blitz, it’s easier for people to get at your sides and rear.

Anyway, enough speculation. Spare part timers are gone. Tanks look good in their new colours. And we got some nice buffs.


I would say “business as usual”, but it’s not, is it? I feel like I should be making sure this is still the same game I am playing here…


See you out there.


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