Crate Of The Month: 59-Patton


No Hype: The 59-Patton




So I’m a big fan of Chinese tanks. This is well known. The Hype 59 is one of my best loved and most driven tanks ever.

And it’s a complicated subject. If you own the Hype like me, unless you got really lucky, you paid too much for it, and you should probably have your head examined just like I should.

As far as i understand, with the 59-Patton, there is at least a finite amount of crates it is possible for you to buy before you get the tank even if you don’t get lucky, but that doesn’t change the way I feel about them, and so my position still stands:

Don’t buy crates.


But in spite of the boxes, This time, I am afraid you are going to have to treat me as a hostile witness.

I love the Type 59. I don’t love the M48 Patton or the M60. Yes, I have the M60, but you can’t see it in my stats, because I never drove it. I was deep into American Mediums a few years ago, and I was so surprised with the tier X Patton when I drove it on my press account. Gun depression and a sturdy mantlet was all I was about back then; this was *before* the huge machine gun hatch was removed.

I suppose I grew out of it. American Tanks aren’t super complicated. They are all about balance between armour, mobility, and firepower, and around tier VII or VIII I just started to think they were boring.

By the time they remodelled the M48 turret, I was way over American Mediums. Doing so arguably made the ”Fatton” the current best all round Medium tank in the game, but the thrill was gone for me. I wanted to drive the Russians instead. I would rather drive the Russians than this bottomless pit of ease and balance. I knew the principle of how the basic Medium playstyle works; working to distill and refine it wasn’t where I wanted to go.

So I dropped some free Wargaming gold that your crate buying paid for and got the Hypetton on my press account. And this is the first instance where you will have to take my inherent hostility against American Medium tanks into account.

I just don’t like the look of it:



As you know, aesthetics form a big part of tank philosophy for me, and the Hypetton just looks wrong. What happens is, you get a huge, almost mid mounted turret instead of your trusty low slung T-54 knockoff. The actual armouring is thinner, and you have the super obvious weakspot to deal with.

I can tell you it’s not hard to figure out. It’s a familiar target; similar to a lot of American designs. People shoot at it. They hit it. You take damage.

The bulb is offset to your right, so ideally you will want to show them your left side, but either way the turret is noticeably weaker than the Hype 59.

So to offset this obvious weakness, you get a few buffs. Better aimtime. Better accuracy. 200 more DPM. You are working with 220 alpha instead of 280 on a six second reload instead of eight, and you have ten degrees of gun depression instead of eight.

This sounds like a great advantage. Let me explain why it’s not.

If you had a T-54/55 style turret with ten degrees of gun depression instead of eight, no one could touch you. But you don’t. You have ten degrees of gun depression on a large turret on a Medium tank at tier VIII with a huge weakspot on top. That’s average at best.



So yeah. You can alter your gameplay to take advantage of the 59-Pattons advantages, but it’s never going to be as comfortable and reloable as a Type 59. That is the about as honest as I can be about it.

It’s not that the Hypetton is a bad tank; it’s not. But being a crate tank, even being better than average just isn’t good enough.

If you can drive a tier VIII Medium, there is no actual risk in getting yourself a 59-Patton if you like the look of it, but it’s also not a super exciting tank. Trying my hardest to disregard my inherent biases, the tank is still not ever going to be at the top of its tier. Which is a hard tier to dominate to begin with.

My number one problem with the Hypetton is I don’t like the look of it. But the reasons I don’t like the look of it are also the reasons why it’s not quite as good as the Type 59.


IrmaBecx says I am getting tired of saying don’t gamble for crates.


2 thoughts on “Crate Of The Month: 59-Patton

  1. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll be rid of the crates any time soon. At least this time, unless you have some form of connection to the 59-Patton specifically, you won’t be missing anything by passing on this one.

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  2. Coming so soon after the most eagerly anticipated tanks in a long time, theChieftain, I’m hoping that this batch of crates sells so badly, that WG pauses to reconsider their ridiculous crate policy. Well, a guy can dream….
    Just don’t buy those crates!

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