Farewell to Parts!



Wargaming gets it Right?




So not only are several of my absolute favourite tanks getting buffed next patch, which is fairly imminent, but they are also starting to do away with spare parts and timers.

I can hardly believe I am writing that.

And it’s the right decision. Spare part timers to me are the single most irritating thing in the game, because they mean there is a huge gap between acquiring a tank, and actually driving it. Back in the day, you knew a tier X tank didn’t cost 6 million credits, it was more like 7 or 8 with the equipment. You had taken that into account when you got it,

But the last four or five tier X tanks I bought, I have had to wait three weeks before taking into battle. Sometimes I’ve not been able to wait and driven a few games anyway, but it sucks all the joy out of it knowing you have millions and millions of credits, and hundreds of thousands of spare parts, and you still have to just wait. There’s nothing doing.

There are several benefits to making this change, not the least of which is we can now start looking closer at the equipment system itself; without having to deal with the complicated in game currencies surrounding it. It also means you can actually grind equipment effectively; your own efforts will become more relevant.


Forum local Stubbo66 has worked out that the best thing you can do in preparation is to just do nothing; don’t equip any more tanks or combine boosters – just let it all convert to credits. That will give you the best conversion ratio. You can study his conclusions here:



There is one caveat. When the update drops, you will get a free camo that is also free to equip for all your tanks with at least six slots unlocked. That’s stages I and II; you don’t even need a Vstab. So that means all your favourite tanks and daily drivers will be a little cheaper to run, unless of course you have a gold camo on them already.


It’s green! Also free for all six slot equipped tanks.


If you think it looks good, or you have tanks you don’t drive a lot because they are so expensive to run, it may be worth it to equip the middle row of slots before the update to get the camo. Otherwise, save your resources and upgrade later.


I happen to think the new camo looks pretty cool, and so I’m pretty excited about getting it on all my favourites. Add to this the timers getting removed, and it’s like having my birthday all over again. I do also have a few tanks I hesitate to run because they burn credits.

So looking through the garage, I first settled on the Centurion 7/1. I’ve not driven that since the HESH debacle; not even kitted it out, but now that they’ve arguably fixed it, I really don’t have an excuse not to drive it anymore. Well, other than it being expensive. But this is the perfect opportunity to finally get around to spending spare parts on it, and then I can unlock the Vstabs after the update.

Hmm. What else… IndyPanzer is done. So is Ru. How about the little Vickers Type B? It would be hilarious having that fully equipped, and it would look good in green. Timers only take like 30 minutes, so that’s settled.

Chinese tanks on the whole aren’t exactly cheap to run, but I think all of them have Vstabs already except the Type B? No. Not all of them.

Type 58. I sort of kept that around for no actual reason. The T-34-85 I kept because I still dream of a third Russian Medium line, but I never spent spare parts on it. Nor the Type 58, because I didn’t think I was actually going to keep it, and the T-34-85 would have been the obvious choice to equip.

But it would look good in green too. And I prefer driving tanks that aren’t overpowered anyway, so the Type 58 is getting equipped also, even though there’s no actual point keeping it now that the Heavy line has dropped.

I think that’s going to have to be enough. There will be other camos in the future. But it will be fun having all my favourite tanks the same colour, and I guess the Hype 58 can be good for tournaments.


So yeah. Great stuff to look forward to really soon; barring technical difficulties, I don’t really see how this update could fail.

Grinding credits is a chore. But it’s the same chore we’ve always had, and being able to set concrete goals again might actually make it more interesting. At least now we’ll have instant gratification once you’re done grinding.

It strikes me that looking forward to getting some new colour for your favourite tanks probably means my overall satisfaction with the game is pretty high at the moment. It has a kind of “first world problem” flavor to it. The CDC event is starting tomorrow, and I’ve been wanting that tank since it dropped, but I’m not going to let grinding for it ruin my lazy summer mood.

In fact, there aren’t a lot of clouds on my summer sky. The old credit buffer is up to four million now. All my grinds are done. And I won my last game in the Object 140, taking out the enemy skill star:




The next update isn’t far off, and it’s high time you got your ducks in a row.

If you are in the middle uf upgrading tanks to at least six slots, then get it done if you want the new “Strong Willed” camo, otherwise wait.

Also remember your replays get deleted with the new update! If you have games you want to save, then upload them somewhere, mail them to yourself, or whatever you want to do. Why not upload them to the Wotinspector website?

Time to put that Mastery on Youtube.


Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!



My Wargaming contact says if you have a tank with six slots unlocked, but you sold it, you don’t need to buy it back before the update. You will get the camo anyway.

Note there are no plans to have the ”Strong Willed” camo sold for gold in the future, so if you like the look of it, make sure you get it now.

Also, if you have timers still running when the update drops, the slots will be opened  as soon as it goes live. Se Stubbos calculations above.


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