Return of the Hype: The Type 59


Return of the Hype: Type 59 for Gold?




Sometimes philosophy means looking away from something in order to be able to see ot more clearly. When I saw the Type 59 is available again this morning, my first impulse was to take mine out for a few games and then write about that.

But it turns out the old 59 has some new feathers. If you buy the Hype today, you will also get the ”Ding” legendary camo I showcased in the photo spread below.

Just look at it! It’s certainly striking. My first thought was Aztec relief carvings, but it is of course a jade vase they turned the thing into. And for what it is, I guess it could certainly have looked a fair bit more vulgar and distasteful. In fact, compared to some of the oher Chinese campuflages out there; the ”Beijing Opera” 113, the gold Type 59, and the fabled one-off golden Hype 62 camo, according to legend specially made for an Arabian princess, this one looks moderate; even understated.

I’m certainly happy they didn’t put a huge dragon on the tip of the gun barrel…

But the camo is a gimmick. That’s only surface. The real question is of course whether or not you should buy the actual tank that comes with the camo. So to ponder this question, instead of rolling out in the Type 59, I went to a café to sit in the sun for a while and think about it.


What irks me about the “Ding” camo, other than beauty being in the eye of the beholder although not necessarily in mine, is it comes across as the completely wrong look for the Hype. I mean, look at the one I put on mine:


Classic “Seasonal Hunt” camo in tan and greens looking smart


Much more sombre, wouldn’t you agree? Not as flamboyant and extravagant? My 59 is not a ming vase; it’s a knockoff Russian tractor. A workhorse. A daily driver that you can drive anywhere and not worry about chipping the paint on. In fact, you’ll prolly be repainting the turret and front plate every week to cover all the ricochet scrathes.

Russian knockoff? Am I not on record as saying there is more to Chinese Mediums than simply being copies of Russian tanks?

Sure. But in the case of the Hype 59, there really isn’t. Well, ok a bit of gun depression. It’s a tier VIII version of the Russian T-54, basically a stock tank moved down a tier. That’s all it is.

If you heard the Type 59 was overpowered, that was years ago. And maybe a bit because the only people who shelled out the extortionate prices back then were jaded Unicums.

Anyway, for me the Hype is perhaps the finest daily driver in the game, and it’s precisely because it isn’t quite a T-54. It’s a fairly standard Russian style Medium tank, and if you’ve driven Russian or Chinese Mediums before, you’ll settle into it right away. The 59 exhibits all the classic traits we have come to associate with a tank being Chinese; somewhat limited power making it sluggish at low speeds and bog down in mud and water, reliable but not exceptional firepower, and a strong upside-down Wok pan Turret.

Toning down the fire breathing T-54 and letting it face tier VII instead of X actually makes it a more likeable tank; certainly a lot more approachable. It’s not as fast, sure; but it also doesn’t have to fight tier X Mediums. Penetration values aren’t amazing, but they will cut through tier VII tanks with ease. The armour isn’t quite as strong, but again; you don’t need to hull down against tier X Tank Destroyers, and if you did, you would still have a few bits of useful armour to hide behind.

This is the Type going hull down against a skill star:


Absolute worst case scenario…


As you can see, if you were poking behind a ridge, you would still have like 50% armour coverage against the biggest gun in the game. That’s not bad for a tier VIII Medium, and of course, unless you platoon with a tier IX tank the situation will never arise outside of training rooms.

I always thought the Type 59 was too expensive, and I freely admit I was a nutter for paying all that money for it. I didn’t even get a special camo with mine. But I also have to say it’s been a worthwhile investment for me: I played over 500 games to date, and so I am down to one Euro per 12 or 13 games at this point, not counting the camo I bought for it. I still wouldn’t call it a bargain, but I’m also still driving it and getting my money’s worth.

These days, you can practically drive a Type 59 for free. The T-34-2 was an alternative design, and it also comes with a 100 mm gun, remarkably similar to the Hype weapon. It’s not quite as fast, but it’s more powerful. Doesn’t shoot as fast, but aims faster. Or, you can just drive the Russian T-44, and trade armour and penetration for DPM and mobility.

Another alternative would be the FCM 50t. It’s only 90 mm, but you cut two seconds off the reload, so DPM is higher, and it has massive engine power. Just looking at the economy, the FCM is a much better option.

But it’s not the Hype. The Hype 59; original, unadulterated, and still the best. Or if not best, then at least the most notorious.


They call it the “Hype” 59 for a reason. It’s larger than life; several times the size of anything it could ever back up with statistics or performance. It’s not super powerful, it’s legendary. You aren’t paying for an overpowered tank, you are paying for an infamous tank.

And for that, it’s too expensive. It’s still around 50 Euro, and I don’t think a pixel tank is worth that, even if I did pay that sum myself.

If you are looking for a tier VIII credit grinder,t hen there are several ones already out there, freely available and a lot cheaper that the 59. In terms of value, it’s just not competitive.

Unless you see some value in legend and notoriety itself; for their own sake. Because that’s what you will really be paying for if you choose to indulge yourself. The camo certainly isn’t worth all that gold. But maybe owning the infamous Type 59 and being the envy of your pixel tank enthusiast friends is?

Anyway. The final word will be something like this: IrmaBecx says don’t be a complete idiot like I was and shell out all this money for what is really a pretty standard Medium tank. There are other options out there that will cost you a lot less.

Owning the Type 59 can be a wonderful experience. It’s easy to drive, a real jack-of-all-trades, very functional and utilitarian, and it’s one of my most driven tanks ever because I just enjoy the playstyle so much.

But buying the Type 59? That’s just crazy.


See you guys out there.


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