Hype 64 Buyers Guide


The Littlest Hype! Type 64




So if you happen to be a Chinese Premium tank, you have some pretty hard acts to follow. The Hype 59 and Hype 62 are both renowned for their driveability and effectiveness, they have a solid reputation established over a long period of time.

For long time Hype owners, there is also the reminiscence of the “glory days” when Mediums and Light tanks ruled the battlefield. Before the blanket nerfs, these tanks were simply unstoppable.

And had the newest Hype; the Hype 64 been introduced a couple of years back, it would have helped rule the battlefields too. Today, however, that’s just not going to be the case.

But the game meta isn’t the Type 64:s main problem. The Cromwell B is. And, to an extent, the T21.


Looking at the stats, the T21 is extremely similar to the Type 64; and in many respects it’s better. It’s free, for one thing. Other than the Hype having two degrees less gun depression and being faster, it’s practically the same tank.

But of course the T21 doesn’t make as much credits.  The real comparison you have to make is between the Type 64 and the premium Cromwell Berlin.

And here’s where the Hype starts having problems. It has exactly three things over the Bromwell: higher top speed, faster aimtime and Light tank camo on the move.

Now, if you own the Cromwell B already, that isn’t a whole lot of arguments in favor of getting the Hype also. Sure, it’s different. It’s a Light tank. But being a Light tank at tier VI isn’t really that special, and you have no protection against your enemies; not even a roof.


The littlest Hype in spiffy Water Dragon camo, showing convertible top.


I would say if you own the Cromwell B already, the Type 64 isn’t quite special enough to warrant the purchase. It’s faster and a bit more agile, but not a whole lot, and it doesn’t have the same firepower, although it’s more stable and aims faster. It’s a bit harder to drive than the Cromwell too; you have to work harder for the wins. Basically, you are trading DPM, armour and gun depression for Light tank camo, aimtime and top speed.

Armour? Yeah. The Bromwell has 25 mm of side armour, That will side scrape a 75 mm Medium tank gun, but not a 76. The hype has 13 mm of side armour; that’s not going to side scrape any tank it’s ever likely to meet. There is literally not a single part of the Type 64 that will not get overmatched by a 76 mm gun.

If you don’t own the Cromwell B, you should ask yourself if you might want to own the Cromwell B some day, because in choosing between the two, it is the stronger candidate. If you own the Hype 64 already, you might still want to get the Bromwell some day because it has gun depression and more DPM. And if you do get it, then I think you will have practically retired your Type.


So wait; the tank is useless because it’s not a Cromwell B? No, that’s not my point. I am just saying there is a very obvious, very similar, and most likely better alternative to seriously consider.

There are about five tier VI Light tanks in the game already. The VK 28; formerly known as the best tank in the game. The T21 I mentioned. The autoloader MT-25 and AMX 12t. Everything from quirky to mundane.

Looking at them all, the Type 64 has the joint fastest top speed and good DPM for the tier. Aimtime is quick but average for a Light tank, and it has about the weakest armour you can find. 25 horsepower per ton sounds a lot, but it’s also average in this context, as is the gun depression and ground resistances.

There really is just one thing the Type 64 does better than any other tier VI Light tank, except of course make credits, and that is traverse. It has the highest traverse speed. This, in combination with the joint fastest top speed, should mean it’s the fastest tank in the tier, but it doesn’t have the massive pickup of something like the VK 28.01.

The overall impression looking at the stats is “good but average”. There aren’t a lot of things that stand out. A thing to note is the standard AP has the lowest penetration in its tier. Tier VI Light tanks don’t have a lot of pen to begin with, and it is noticeable, especially against tier VII armour.

The fact there are better options out there doesn’t disqualify a tank, but with the Type 64, I haven’t really found anything that klicks. It doesn’t appeal to my imagination. It’s fun to drive, but that’s because driving a tier VI Light tank is fun; not because the Hype 64 makes it fun. The big Hype is a tuned down T-54, the best tier VIII premium all rounder in the game. The middle Hype fills a niche by simply being uncomplicated, and still has frontline firepower.

The littlest Hype? I don’t know. It’s a tier VI Light tank. Which is fun, but not exactly spectacular, or extraordinary in any way.

So should you buy it?

Well, there could be a couple of reasons. Maybe you like tier VI a lot. Maybe you love Light tanks. Maybe you are a collector, in which case nothing I say here will make much of a difference anyway.

Maybe, and this I think is the best reason; maybe you think the Hype 64 looks really cool, and you think you might want to learn some Light tank gameplay in the relative comfort and safety of tier VI, while either making a few credits or running a full-on combat loadout.


What I mean is I think you have to make some kind of connection with the Type 64 if it’s going to be worth it for you, because I think on stats alone you’ll find it a little bit lacklustre.

I drove a couple of rounds with my clanmate Danda_Panda, and it went pretty well. The 64 isn’t quite as nimble as you’d like it to be, and it doesn’t fight so well up close. If you get in a brawl, it is going to cost you hitpoints; you’ll be much better off on the sidelines.

You are going to struggle against some of the tier VII monsters and people who push on you or chase you down, and it’s going to take some careful, methodical gameplay to make it work. This tank isn’t going to do you any favours at all. You want to save your hitpoints? Then don’t get hit.

In line with other Chinese tanks I’ve driven, the Type 64 is a little bit slow to get started. It should be really quick, but it won’t outpace a Cromwell even though it turns a bit faster and has a higher top speed. It will hit 75 on a slight downward slope, but then immediately bog down and struggle to do 50 driving through water.

The penetration is mostly an issue against tier VII tanks, but it can be irritating, and in addition to this you have the lowest amount of shells of any tier VI Light tank, meaning you have to think more carefully about your ammo loadout.

So what’s the final word? The Type 64 is a nice little tank, but it’s not really all that special, especially compared to some of your other options. Buying one would be more of an extravagance than an investment. Unless you feel some kind of special attachment to it, or you want to drive the Type 64 specifically for some other reason, I would say pass on this one.

To further help you make up your mind, here is a bit of everyday Hype 64 flanking action. Special thanks to Danda_Panda for the platoon:



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