4.11 Test Server


Test Server Adventures




So Wargaming gave us access to the 4.11 test server, and again there aren’t huge changes. I would say they are pretty significant though; some long awaited buffs and a rework of a popular map.

I say “popular” because I like it, and I know other people do as well, but I really can’t back my statement up beyond that.

Either way, Vineyards looks totally different in daylight. It’s still the same map, only it feels more open; maybe even a little flatter than it used to be. I honestly couldn’t find a lot of difference other than the Supremacy cap placements though, for all intents and purposes it’s still the same map only quite literally seen in a different light.

A few of my old favourite tanks got buffed as well.

Well, in fact; all the tanks that got buffed are favourites of mine. E50 M, STB-1, WZ-120 and the Black Dog.

Let’s see if I remember this right: as far as I can tell, the E50 M gets a DPM and aimtime buff, The STB-1 gets a dispersion and aimtime buff, the WZ-120 gets a DPM buff, and the M41 90 gets both a DPM and an accuracy buff. Don’t ask me why.

This may not seem super exciting, but these are in fact substantial buffs, and not only that – they are adressing the exact problems the STB, the E50 M, and to a lesser extent the WZ-120 have; namely putting out reliable and consistent damage.

The Black Dog though? I don’t know about that. I could never imagine they would think of a reason to buff that tank.

So yeah; not a lot of news. Or not a lot to say about the news, but I think they are going to be significant. There is one other thing too: the E50 M will have the same gun depression over the entire front after next update. If you were unaware, the E50 M currently has less depression over the front plate and more over the sides, just like the Ru does.

That means the already strong armour of the E50 M will become easier to use, and people already comfortable with it will perform much better.

I kind of think this change especially is putting training wheels on tanks that don’t really need them, but there you are.

I couldn’t find any new tanks to drive, so this is going to be the next update as far as I know: map rework and some buffs. Although none of these tanks are really struggling in my opinion, I do welcome the buffs, and I think they are reasonable.


Unfathomably, they didn’t buff the skill star this time around.


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