For The Love Of Hype!


Overpowered! The Hype 62




Back when I was a German only tank driver, the introduction of the New German Light tanks changed my life. In hindsight they may have been a tad too powerful, but I maintain there is room in the game for that.

Either way, driving higher tier Light tanks was a thrill like I had never experienced, and you might say I never really got over it. I still love my Ru 251, the Black Dog is among my absolute favourite premiums, and for a Sunday driver I have my Russian sports prototype the T-54 Lightweight.

But the Black Dog wasn’t my first premium Light tank. The Hype 62 was. And there was a very specific reason for that.

I kept almost all the NGL tanks, but there was one I could never get along with: the tier VII Spähpanzer I C. I just never liked it. It had nothing to do with the way it drove or how buff or nerfed it was, I just never liked the look of it. But I wanted a tier VII Light tank, and so when the Hype 62 dropped without the gaudy Dragon camo, I signed up right away. It seemed the perfect replacement.

Turns out that was kind of a lucky decision. Since the Hype is a premium tank, it was spared from the blanket Light tank nerfs, and people now say it’s completely overpowered.


Gaudy “Dragon” camo.



As you may recall, I will consider a vehicle overpowered if it will get you out of situations and win you games you don’t deserve to. The overpoweredness of the Type 62 consists of one single thing: it still has pre-nerf penetration values on its HEAT shells. 250 mm; that’s 50 mm more than any other tier VII Light tank.

Other than that, it’s pretty average. Well, it has the most hitpoints, 150 more than the others. It also has the fastest traverse, but the worst power to weight ratio, although not by much. You could argue it has better DPM too, but the Bulldog running the single shot actually has more, and almost all other tier VII Light tanks are autoloaders.

I could say I don’t like HEAT because it’s finnicky and unreliable, and besides I don’t use it very often, but having that monster penetration is of course a great adavantage. 250 mm of HEAT pen will punch right through the front of a tier IX Heavy tank, which is what it was originally balanced for.

So yeah, it has overpowered HEAT rounds. That’s not going to help you bounce HE shells, or any other kind of shells for that matter. It’s not going to stop people focusing you, or chasing you down. The Hype is still a Light tank, and it needs wide open spaces, active teammates, and lots of cover to do it’s job properly.

Also if you think I sold out to China for a mere 250 mm of HEAT penetration, you are gravely mistaken.


Two years ago, Light tanks were in a very different place than they are now. They had binoculars for spotting, maps were more hilly and had more bushes, and there weren’t very many higher tier Light tanks around. These days, it’s not uncommon to see three or four of them on the same team. The lure of the BatChats and other top tier tanks keep people grinding out the Light tank lines, and a lot of people find a favourite vehicle along the way.

Me, I found a few. The Littlepard of course, and the VK 28. Also the MT-25 from the Russian Light tank line, and I had a sweet spot for the T71 before I lost interest in American tanks altogether.

But I haven’t put as many games on any of those tanks as I have on on my little Type. It’s a premium, sure, but it’s also a tank with lasting appeal, and it’s always kept me coming back for more.


Well, first off, I don’t think you ever get the feeling you’ve truly mastered a high tier Light tank. There’s always new stuff to learn, new positions to find, and new hare brained schemes to rush head first into. Twenty, thirty, or fifty thousand games later, these are the tanks that will keep challenging you to be the best tank driver you can be.

There is no accounting for taste, of course. If you are into WW II tanks, you might think the Type 62 looks too modern for you. I happen to think it looks cute, and as strange as it may sound, that’s a big selling point for me. I’m not saying the Hype isn’t strong; it totally is, but that alone isn’t enough for me to put hundreds of games on it. There has to be something more.

Actually what I mean is, I am not saying I don’t care that the Type is totally strong, because I do. But what I am getting at is there is more to it than that. You don’t see me driving tanks just because they are strong.


Sombre “Wise Turtle” desert camo.



I have like 20 Premium tanks at this point, and over 21.000 games played, so it’s pretty easy for me to determine which ones I’ve gotten the most mileage out of; I just look at the battle count.

Some things you can’t tell from statistics. Like the Dracula. I grinded so hard to get my Vampire Batmobile, and I made it with hours to spare. I don’t drive it a lot, but when I do it’s always a great experience, and so the mileage I’ve gotten out of it is incalculable.

Returning to my earlier point, the reason I don’t drive the Dracula all that much is that it’s so strong.

Other things are easy to tell. Like the Rudy or the Panther/M10 being two of my most beloved tanks; or most successful purchases, if you prefer.

What I try to do when I write about premium tanks, is give people a reasonable idea of what to expect should they decide to get one. That’s not always easy. And in the case of the Type 62, the reason I’m so happy with it has very little to do with any kind of numbers. It’s something much more abstract.

But it’s not very hard to put into words. The reason is simply that after all this time, the Type 62 still feels like a promise for the future. I’m still excited to drive it and learn new stuff every time I take it out of the garage.

If all you want to do is just drive an overpowered tier VII Light tank, all you have to do is grind out the LTTB. If you haven’t heard, “L.T.T.B” is a Russian acronym, meaning “Light Tank, Heavy Armour”. That’s not even a joke, it’s completely true. You get Light tank speed with an 85 mm gun, and also Heavy tank armour for some reason; my guess is because Russian bias.

If you want to drive something like the Type 62, but you don’t want to pay for it, that’s going to be more difficult. Chinese tanks have a curious trait of being very basic vehicles without any kind of bells and whistles, and although it sounds preposterous, that’s actually something pretty rare in the game. The Hype 62 is a tier VII Light tank with a Russian style 84 mm gun. That’s all it is. But until we get a Chinese tech tree Light tank line, it’s the only one in the game.

It does have a bit of Chinese bias in those overpowered HEAT rounds, but I think if you get one based solely on that fact, you won’t be very happy with it. Just as well too, because no one likes a HEAT spammer, really.

But if you like tier VII, and you are into the Light tank playstyle; or you feel like that’s an area of gameplay you might want to explore, then I don’t think there is a better option out there. Not because it’s overpowered, but because it is perhaps the purest expression of tier VII Light tank gameplay you’ll find in the game.


The Hype 62 isn’t on sale right now. This paper came about because I’ve been grinding credits. I don’t like grinding credits, but tanks like my little Type always make me forget about that fact, because I get so caught up in actually driving them.

That’s the best part about being a tank philosopher. I get to write about what I want. Even something as mundane as grinding credits can be an inspiration.

And the Hype still inspires me. After two years, I think that’s quite an accomplishment.

Driving it makes me recall what Henry Rollins said (about being a police officer, but still) in the excellent movie “The Chase” (1994) : “I don’t know if I’m busting bad guys or signing autographs. Kind of like being a star.”

That’s exactly what it is. When I’m out there in my Hype 62, it’s like I don’t know if I’m shooting red tanks or signing autographs.

Kind of like being a star.

IrmaBecx says the next time the Hype 62 comes around, see if you can get a good deal on it. It’ll be worth it in the long run.


See you out there.


4 thoughts on “For The Love Of Hype!

  1. It’s funny you should say, because I’ve actually started driving it again, working on an updated review. It’s one of those tanks I always come back to, sooner or later. 🙂


  2. I bought the Hype when it first came out. So much fun, one of the fastest tanks back then and a different play style from most of the tanks that where out then. My 3rd most played tank with 603 battles.

    Liked by 2 people

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