Crate of the Month: The K-91


So this is getting old. You already know what I’m going to say.

Tank good. Crates bad. I’m not buying any.

And, again, it’s a crying shame, because I really like the K-91.

Here’s what happened. When I became a Community Contributor, I asked if I could be a tester as well, but there were no vacancies at the time. Fair enough. I thought about it, and I decided I didn’t actually want to be a tester anyway. I’m not the kind of person who opens my presents first thing, I enjoy the anticipation.

A couple of months ago, we were told all CCs would get to be involved in supertesting, and in spite of my earlier reluctance, I was of course excited. The WZ-121 had just been tested on the live server, and there were other tanks I was really interested in coming down the pipeline.

But the first tank that dropped on my account for testing wasn’t a Medium tank, it was a Heavy tank. A Russian Heavy tank at that; not something I am usually very interested in.

”Typical”, I thought.

The K-91 looks like a prototype. A rudimentary, square hull that looks a bit cobbled together, and a weird looking turret with a 100 mm autoloader on top. The more I looked at it, the better I liked it, and I had to admit it was very far from what I usually thought of as a typically Russian Heavy.

It looked pretty cool, actually. Nice, flat sides for scraping, a curvaceous, bouncy turret, and Medium tank autoloader firepower. It wasn’t even that slow, tops out at 40. Since it can’t run Adrenaline, I mounted speed boost instead so I could take off with a bit of extra grunt and boost my engine power when brawling or short flanking. I don’t even remember when last I used speed boost on a tank.

Rolling out in a tank no one has seen before is a curious thing. You can’t help feeling a bit special, and of course you’ll have the advantage of people not knowing how to deal with you. The autoloader especially caught a lot of people off guard; you would fire, they would poke back out thinking you were on a reload, and you would hit them two more times.

The K-91 doesn’t have Medium tank mobility, but it’s pretty agile for a Heavy tank. Having a bit of gun depression helps you set up shots and utilise the curvaceous turret, which you will want to do, because it has a huge lower front plate that’s almost vertical, especially when poking over a ridge. The angle on the small upper plate is almost horizontal, and then you have two “pontoons” extending from the sides hull, the front parts of which angle down behind the elevated drive wheels. I’ve certainly never seen anything like it:


Kinky K-91 armour profile


I ended up driving quite a few games in the K-91, and the more I drove it, the more I liked it. You may recall I’ve been looking for a tier IX daily driver, and I quickly realised that, just like the Kpz 70, the K-91 would have fit the bill perfectly. I was sold.

The only question was how I was going to get my hands on one. We now know it’s a crate tank, meaning I won’t.

The K-91 has a bit of Russian bias, but I didn’t feel like I was winning games I didn’t deserve to. If you get around it or catch it during the 15 second reload it’s toast, which is as things should be. If you stay hull down you’ll bounce stuff off the turret all day, and you can bully lower tier tanks, especially if they are on less than full health. Burst damage is over 900, meaning you can clip people out as the endgame approaches.

So yeah. It’s a curious tank. Very likeable. Effective when used with a bit of caution and proper positioning. And of course it’s the only high tier Russian autoloader except for the IS-3 Defender.

I’ve said it before; I don’t think anyone should spend money on gambling crates, because it’s the only way we’ll ever get rid of them. Again, I won’t blame you if you do, and if you get lucky, again, I am going to be really jealous.

At least I’ll have the opportunity to drive the K-91 on my press account once it gets invoiced, and I will then be able to further evaluate it’s in game performance. Looking forward to that; as I said I already like it a lot. I hear if you spend something like 160 Euros you will at least be guaranteed to get the tank, but as fun as it is to drive, that’s just too expensive. I don’t think any pixel tank is worth that.

If you are going to gamble for the K-91, make sure you at least know what you are getting yourself into. Drop rates are either 1% or 4% depending on which crates you buy; those aren’t very good odds, and it’ll be very easy to overspend.

My advice though, is don’t do it. I don’t support gambling, even though I support Wargaming, and I think the tank itself is amazing.

I feel like I’ve said it before, but here’s hoping we all get a chance to own the K-91 without having to gamble or ruin ourselves to do so.


See you guys out there.


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