Test Server Adventures: Alpenstadt!



Alpenstadt Sightseeing!




So I got last minute access to the 5.0 test server today, and I’ve been playing around with the replays and driving a few laps around the new map.

Unfortunately, most other CCs and testers have already had their opportunity to do that, so it’s been harder than usual to get into an actual game. In fact, I only managed a single one on the new map so far (which I lost quite badly), and when I tried just now, I was the only one on the whole server queueing up for a game.

But yeah, I quite like the new map so far. It feels like it’s bigger than we’re used to seeing, but I’m not sure it actually is. It could be because of the huge mountains surrounding it. The setting is supposed to be the Austrian Alps, and if you didn’t know, you might suspect so from the architecture. I’ve actually been to the Austrian Alps once in my wild youth, and it does kind of look like I remember it.


Enlarged Minimap


Basically, you have a city area in the middle with a stream flowing diagonally past, over which are three bridges. On the other side, there is a dry riverbed with another bridge. To the northwest and southeast are the A and C caps, with the B cap in the middle of town next to a church. Parts of the cap area are inaccessible, but it looks like you might be able to push someone out of bounds, at least in a training room. Surrounding the little town are a few hills, and there are plenty of spots where you can fire from both hard and soft cover.

It wasn’t too hard to get my bearings, I had the layout pretty well figured after a few minutes.

Like I said I only got to play one actual game on Alpenstadt, so I can’t really determine of one side has any kind of advantage, or what it’s going to be like to play; we’ll have to see when it goes live. If you drive something with gun depression though, you will probably like this map; plenty of opportunities for ridge fighting.


Northeast spawn, moving towards C cap.


Northeast spawn, overlooking A cap.


Opposite side. You can see the brick building from the previous picture between the two trees on the right.


Moving from Southwest spawn along the dry riverbed towards C cap.


Covering B cap from the Church steps.


You’ve probably heard replays are finally coming. They are, and they seem to work. I was able to watch my games back, pause them, fast forward (but not rewind), and change the camera angle. I was also able to send one of my replays to myself in a regular email, but you will need the game client to actually open it.

It’s kind of silly, but my big takeaway from the test server so far is actually the nation-specific crew voices. I love to hear my Object 140 crew saying “пробитие” when the shot penetrates, or my Foch commander yelling “jolie tiré”. It’s a small detail, but I really like it.

Traditionally, the update after one where a new line or branch was introduced won’t be as extensive, and this is one of those. I know people have been waiting for replays for ages and they’re finally here, but there’s not a whole lot to actually say about it.

So is the update worth looking forward to?

Yes. Absolutely. I’ve finished my Chinese Heavy grind and I can’t wait to drive all my new tanks on the new map. Best of all, if I happen to have a monster game in one of them, I won’t have to kick myself for being lazy and not recording it as usual.

There may be a few more things coming that I either didn’t test or am not allowed to talk about, but this in a nutshell will be update 5.0.


As always, big thanks to Wargaming for access to the test server. Looks like they dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s on this one.

See you guys in the Alps before long!


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