WZ-110 First Look!


First Impressions: The WZ-110




So I skipped the IS-2. I just wasn’t excited about it, and all I’ve been thinking about is whether or not I was going to keep it after the grind is done. I know I said I was going to give it a chance, but I just didn’t. I like tier VII, but if I’m going to drive a Heavy tank at tier VII, I’ll just drive the AMX M4 45. Or the KV-13, for that matter.



The WZ-110 however, I was excited, or at least curious about. The 62-100T is one of my favourite 100 mm guns, and I just think it’s refreshing to see a communist tier VIII Heavy that doesn’t have a 122 mm. I am kind of hoping it’s going to be the Chinese Löwe; not that Chinese Heavy tanks make a lot of credits.

What you get is basically an upgrade of the Chinese IS-2. They welded on an aggressively angled pike nose, gave it a new turret and the 100 mm gun off the WZ-120. I guess the 122 was too heavy.

If you’ve done the Chinese Mediums, all you have to grind is a set of tracks and a new turret so you can mount the top gun. A little over 30.000 XP. After that, it’s 150 K to get the tier IX, which for me looks like it’s going to take maybe 100 games running Premium.



What’s it like to drive?

It’s not bad, actually. The pike nose feels slightly awkward at first, but once you get the feel for how it works, it can be ruthlessly effective. Basically, you just point it straight at people and do your best to try and mess up their shots. It works quite often, especially against same and lower tier opponents.

Seems like six degrees of gun depression is the new China. Not great, but I don’t feel like I struggle a lot with it. It’s enough to go hull down behind low hills and hide the lower plate, which is really all you need.

But yeah. That is a Medium tank gun, and I am putting out Medium tank numbers with it so far. It also has Medium tank penetration. I manage to bounce some inexplicable shots against soft targets with it, but in fairness I just have base equipment so far and I’m not used to the tank yet.

I already said I like the 62-100T; as is usually the case I prefer the Chinese copy to the Russian original, which I suppose would be the 100 mm D-54. But the weapon itself is secondary to the application. Most Heavy tanks at tier VIII and IX have around 400 alpha. The WZ-110 has around 300, but will comfortably beat the reload of those higher alpha tanks and outtrade them. I found I quite enjoy the playstyle.

It’s a different rhythm. Slightly more uptempo. Not only do you need to shoot more rounds to do the same damage, one of the strengths of the WZ-110 is having high DPM for a Heavy tank and so of course you want to try and realise that potential. This, along with angling the armour should be your main consideration.

So it’s a bit of a novel tank, and yet instantly recognisable as Chinese. It’s fast in a straight line, it doesn’t turn very well, and its a bit slow to get going, especially on soft ground. I can’t wait to get some improved controls on it.

That’s right. I’m keeping this one. If it had a 122 mm top gun it’s not certain I would, but the pike nose/100 mm gun combination is a winner in my book. It can be awkward at times, and it’s not fantastically powerful, but it’s an engaging drive and I feel it has a lot of potential.

So what’s the verdict?

Fans of Chinese tanks will feel right at home, the WZ-110 works pretty much the way you think it will. It’s not very difficult to drive, and just keeping the tank straight will go a long way towards keeping you relatively safe.

If you’ve done a few thousand games in an IS tank, you’ll not have any trouble with the WZ, but the question is if you’ll get a lot out of it. Other than trading alpha damage for DPM there isn’t a lot that sets it apart. I guess the question is whether you feel like 310 alpha is a novel variation, or just an outright weakness. There is also the “Chinese knock-off” thing to consider; if you think Chinese tanks are boring copies of Russian tanks, the WZ isn’t going to change your mind.

But I like it. I don’t like a lot of Heavy tanks, but this one I like. It’s not that special, and it’s not super complicated, but it’s a well executed design, and it definitely works as intended. I am not sure it’s the Chinese Löwe, but if there was a Chinese Löwe, I don’t think it would be very different from the WZ-110.

So if you are looking for something along the lines of a pike nosed, 100 mm carrying, hull down/peekaboom brawler, IrmaBecx says look no further.


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