Tier II Happy Tanks: The T1E6


Happy Tank: the T1E6




I recently stated that high tiers is where it’s all happening for me these days, but I still feel compelled to write a few passages on the infamous T1E6 that’s finally coming, after years of speculation.

In spite of being a top tier elitist, I am actually the proud owner of three tier II tanks, and I’ve even spent a bit of resources on them.

They are my “Happy Tanks”.

Happy tank one is the Japanese Ha-Go with the Girls und Panzer camo on it. There’s nothing super special about the tank itself, it’s kind of slow and has a pop gun, but it just looks so good it makes me happy driving it. It’s also a bit of a rarity out there; lots of people have all the other three GuP tanks, but not a lot if them have the fourth one. I believe the camo has only been sold once or twice.

Happy tank two is the T7 Combat Car. I think I sold it right away the first time it was gifted, and I haven’t had it on my press account for some reason, so I was really happy when it was gifted to us again. Not every day you get to drive a low tier tank you haven’t driven before.

I mean, it’s pretty useless, of course. Some tanks you just can’t penetrate, last time I drove it I did 8 damage. That’s a single penetration out of maybe five full clips. These things will happen. But when you get it right, it can be glorious; burning people down with the massive burst damage and then awkwardly manouvering away to reload the clip and do it all over again.

The T7 Car doesn’t turn very well, doesn’t have much armour, doesn’t even have premium rounds to help the abysmal penetration values, but it’s still so much fun to drive it just makes me happy. I even spent some spare parts on mine so it would turn better, and I put the blue and orange birthday camo on it for extra happiness!

Happy tank three is Chinese. Or British, I mean. But most of all, it’s a promise for the future. I don’t normally say that about low tier tanks.

But the Vickers Type B has a three shot autoloader. Just like the AMX 50 B, just like the T57 Heavy, the BatChats, T71, and the upcoming Lorraine 40t. It’s going to be my proxy tank for learning how to play all those three shot autoloaders. I put the new whitewash camo on it, dropped for improved controls, and I’m going to call it “White Death”. Promises for the future always make me happy.


Newest Happy Tank ready for action!


Which brings us to the tank in question, the T1E6. It’s a boxy, goofy looking American tank with a 37 mm, five shot, rapid fire autoloader. That’s a tier I gun, by the way, so don’t expect too much of it.

But yeah, it’s tier II. Which in theory means it should be pretty easy, but in fact since lower tiers are so chaotic, it can sometimes be worse than tier VIII trying to carry. And of course, if you meet one of those French “Light” tanks, you’re going to struggle same as everyone else.

I don’t get a lot of mileage out of my tier II tanks, but I really like having them around. They’re such a small investment, if you find one you really like, there’s really no reason to hesitate.


“HELLO! My Name Is: T1E6


So I loaded up my press account T1E6 and rolled out to see how Happy it is. Meadsy69 and I both happen to have the tank on our accounts, so we have a bit of early access this time. It’s a Mines game, and people driving off aimlessly all over the place, so I roll up on the hill, noting the mobility is quite good, and then it’s a classic hill battle from there.

I ran a few more games, and was left with the impression the T1E6 is a lovely little tank. I’s quite nippy, gun handling isn’t fantastic, but it fires fast, and five shells in the clip gives you a few more options. Clip reload is around nine seconds for a 175/200/250 damage potential depending on ammunition used.

Okay, so it’s fun. It’s goofy, but cute. So who should drive it?

Well, maybe not me. Looking through my collection of tier II Happy Tanks, I don’t think the T1E6 would necessarily add anything to it. That said, it is a lot of fun to drive, and at the time of writing, I don’t know how much the tank is going to cost.

But if you think the T1E6 looks like it might be fun, I can tell you it is. It’s a Happy Tank for sure. And having a few low tier tanks around for when the grind gets grindy is always a good idea.

Buying a tier II Premium tank is an extravagance. It’s not certain you’ll get a lot of mileage out of it, and it’s not really useful as a credit grinder. You drive it for a bit of stet pedding fun and low tier relaxation.

So if you like the look of the T1E6, I am here to give you my wholehearted recommendation. It’s cure and boxy, and the five shot autoloader adds some options to your gameplay.

If you are in the market for a tier II happy tank, IrmaBecx says this one is positively exhuberant.



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