Heavy Tank Bias: The IS-8


Traitor! The IS-8




So the Chinese Heavy tanks are taking forever to appear. That’s like the only reason this ever happened, I want to make that clear.

Well that and the IS-5. I always kind of liked the IS-5. It’s the fastest IS clone, it has tier IX armour, and APCR standard. Other than being a dam IS clone, what’s not to like? I even liked the pike nose after a while.

It was the pike nose that got me. I said a few months ago if the WZ-111 5A ever comes to Blitz, I am giving up Medium tank elitism and getting one. Well, it didn’t come, but the 113 did, and I instantly fell for it, in spite of it being just a regular old Heavy tank.

And I think Heavy tanks are boring, most of them. Especially Russians. The Chinese tanks are different for some reason, they just appeal to me more.

Now, the thing is before the 113, or WZ-113 as it is now called, you get the WZ-111 model 1-4, and I’m liking the look of that more and more. It’s got a 130 mm main armament at tier IX, which is cool. I like a 130 mm gun. It has that massive spaced side armour and a pike nose, just like an IS-8. Also it does 50 km/h and has pretty good traverse numbers for a Heavy tank, so I am thinking it will be quite good.


But yeah. I’m no star player at tier IX to begin with. And I don’t even own an IS-5, except on the press account.

I took the IS-5 out for a spin, actually, but it just wasn’t the same. What about the actual IS-8, though? Maybe I should try that?


Dirty Dreams: The IS-8 looking butch in Century Oak


I’ve never driven a high tier Russian Heavy tank other than the IS-5 and the Shamurin, and I didn’t think I ever would. But thinking about it, there are actually a few things to like about the IS-8. It’s no slough, to start with. It has the wonderful M62-T2 off the SU-122-44, and of course you get that stronk side armour and pike nose I am so interested in right now.

Maybe I should get some tier IX pike nose practice? What would be the harm?

Yes, I know I am being silly. I drive Russian tenks already, and no one can see my stats on the press account anyway.

I figured “what the hell?”, spent the gold and credits and spare parts, and away I went in a brand new, maxed out IS-8, looking resplendent in newly applied Century Oak warpaint.


You all know what happened. I got in one of those honeymoon-period top tier games and did four thousand damage.

There’s nothing to it. As top tier, you just drive at people and bomb their tanks to bits. Hide the front plate, bounce stuff off the sides, and if that isn’t opportune, just point it straight at them and watch them struggle against your kinky angles.

The armour isn’t as impressive at tier X, but you still have the speed and manouverability, not to mention tier X penetration values. It’s not like you’re going to struggle inordinately.

And yeah, it was fun. Being a Medium tank elitist, you kind of have the feeling Heavy tank driving is somehow beneath you because there’s nothing to it and besides it just takes too long. But it doesn’t have to be like that. There are some Heavy tanks that are a lot of fun to drive and offer dynamic gameplay.

It’s fun because it’s strong, of course. There’s no denying that. I drive a lot of Russian tanks that are really strong; the Rudy, the Yolo Wagon, the Lightweight and the 140. Russian bias is real, and it works. No shame in letting it work for you for once.

Not going to say I’m a convert, but I did have the though I could actually get an IS-8 of my own, and it wouldn’t be hard. I have the KV-13 already, which leads on to the IS, the IS-3, and the IS-8. A couple of hundred thousand free XP, tops.

No, I’m not going to check. It’s not happening. Why would I want the old IS-8 when I am getting the new WZ-111 model 1-4 as soon as it drops?

But yeah… I’m still going to be driving the press account IS-8 I suppose. A bit. For the pike nose practice, you understand. Not because I like it, or anything.

Variety is the spice of tank philosophy?



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