Russian Defector – The Object 140 Bias


Plain Jane – The Object 140





So as I’m starting this, it’s been maybe five hours since I decided to give up on the T-54 and just free XP the Object 140 and get it over with. I’ve been at the grind for well over a year and a half by now, and since the 140 is now at the centre of attention; albeit for the wrong reasons, I figured who needs credits anyway and bought myself one.

If you’ve not been paying attention, the Object 140 these days is about as pedestrian and unglamorous as you can get at tier X. The thing doesn’t even have APCR standard anymore; it’s hard to believe this tank was once feared above all, and about as hated as the death star is now.

Yes, those were the days. I had the opportunity to drive the 140 when it was the most OP tank in the game, and although that was of course memorable, I don’t like it any less now than I did back in the day.

Partly this is because I was late getting into Russian Mediums. I haven’t done thousands of games in the 140 wrecking Heavy tanks with magical HEAT rounds from behind an impenetrable turret. And yes, I was also more of a noob back then, and couldn’t really tell the two Russians apart at first. But the things that eventually made me like the 140 better than the T-62A are still the same.

It should come as a surprise to no one the very fact the Object 140 was once the best tank in the game and is now a fallen star; a shadow of its former self and considered totally weak, only makes me like it more. And although it’s a long time since I decided I was going to get a Russian tier X Medium at some point, I was really only getting one just to have one. Either one. For the collection.

What happened instead is I ended up getting the 140 specifically, because I genuinely want it, I am excited to drive it, and I just think it’s the best option for me at this point.

Also I think it looks super cool. As far as Russian tenks go, anyway.

And that could have been the end of it. I am not above driving tanks just because I think they look cool. But I still feel like I have to justify my decision, because there is more to it than just my choosing the less popular option for the sake of it.

For one thing, I did a pretty good job of painting myself into this corner with my adamant and constant assurances the 140 is the best Medium tank in the gam.. And it is also my “job” so to speak as a tank philosopher to busy myself with the questions people want answers to; in this case the question why anyone in the world should even consider getting an Object 140 these days.

And that is also the best part of my “job”. Wargaming gave me the opportunity to drive both the tier X Russian Mediums as much as I wanted, for free, and I have put a few hundred games on both. But it’s not the same. Having been able to try out all the tanks that ever interested me actually made me more interested in my own personal account.

I’m sure that sounds elitist and entitled, but it is in fact true. The longer you have a press account, the less interested in it you become; after a while you only use it to drive new or rare tanks and do testing. You can never get the controls just right. You don’t have the same crew skills. And your accomplishments are pretty much meaningless, because no one can see your stats anyway.

So this is where I start driving the Object 140 for real. It’s the live fire exercise. Racing for pink slips. And although it does admittedly look the least glamorous it’s ever done, I still couldn’t be more excited about it. It may sound strange to be looking forward to such a mundane and well known vehicle, but the interesting thing is the position the 140 finds itself in right now. The T-62A is getting buff after buff, the campy TD meta is still going strong, and everyone is wondering if the 140 has finally become completely obsolete.


And here I am, still saying it’s the best Medium tank in the game. Not only that, I also believe that preposterous proposition is actually true. What a time to be alive, folks; IrmaBecx, known Panther tank and gun depression enthusiast turns into probably the last proponent and staunchest defender of a Russian Medium tank. No one would have believed that three years ago.

What’s the plan? Well, I thought I’d drive a few hundred games in the 140 once I get some Vstabs on it, work on my gameplay, and write about how that works out. I tell you, if someone actually paid me for doing all this, it would be the best job in the world.


The word from Wargaming is, the only intention behind the buffs and changes to the Russian Mediums is making them different, and the fact they haven’t buffed the 140 tells me there’s simply nothing wrong with it. People who do play it are still performing well; better than the T-62A or they wouldn’t keep buffing that.

And remember the Object 140 used to be the most overpowered tank in the game; all that took was a little more turret armour and a little more firepower.

So that is kind of my point of departure. You can say the 140 is boring, you can argue the 62 has more penetration and is more accurate; but you can’t say there is anything at all wrong with the 140, there is just nothing to support that.

So while waiting on stupid timers that get in the way even though I have all the spare parts lined up already, I’ve been running the maxed out press account loaner with the legendary camo. I’m not going to pretend I am displeased with that, but like I said it isn’t quite the same.

The tank works the same though, even if the buttons aren’t in the exact right places. And of course I don’t have to worry about ruining my stats because no one can see them, so I can take chances, try new stuff and play as aggressive as I like. I mean I do always play to win, but you do tend to drive press account tanks like a rental car.

Which is nice. I can work on my angles and check the gun depression all I want, try to climb stuff, look for new spots, or whatever. Get some practice. Start getting to know the Obj 140 more intimately, which hopefully will produce a few papers for the enjoyment and edification of everyone, myself included.

Medium tanks as a class find themselves in sort of a marginalised position these days, but that just means you have to work a little harder to get results when driving them. Even back when they were more powerful, they still took a decent driver to get any kind of decent results.

But what they are really all about is the playstyle. Medium tank gameplay. The whole idea behind driving a mobile tank. And the fact is, Medium tanks can still do a few things no other tank class in the game can do.


So yeah, today is the day I guess. It’s been two weeks and the vertical stabiliser is finally mounted on my new Object 140.

It feels kind of strange. I didn’t take it out first thing this morning; I drove the Rudy instead. It’s like I’m hesitating, and maybe that’s not so strange. It is sort of a quietly momentous occasion.

I used to hate the Russian Mediums with a passion, and the 140 especially, so like I said, of course they were among the first tanks I drove as soon as I got a hold of a Press account. I wanted to know my enemy.

But the Russian bias is real, and I pretty quickly resigned myself to the fact that if I kept on driving all these Russian Lights and Mediums, I would sooner or later have to make the age old 140/62 decision. And besides, as a Medium tank driver; why wouldn’t I want to own the most overpowered Medium tank in the game?

Well, whatever you think of the 140 these days, it certainly isn’t that anymore. But it still has everything that made me really like it, and like it more the more I drive it. The general sort of ease and comfort with which it deals with any situation. The super wicked angle on the front plate. The gun that just keep putting the rounds where you point it, no matter what the rest of the tank is doing.

Of course, I am much more positively inclined towards the Object 140 now that it’s a fallen star; a faded primadonna, and about as generic and pedestrian as a tier X Medium tank can be. But there is a lot of things to like about it. It has the highest shell speed in the game. Likely the best camo rating of any tier X Medium tank. Massive DPM. Low to the ground. Excellent mobility.

Except for the typically Russian traits, though, nothing really stands out. All these strengths are of a general kind, and they will be of use in most situations. But there is no real gimmick you can work with; it’s all just standard, everyday Medium tank tactics.

Which, you know; can be challenging enough.

But anyway, with about an hour left to clear my missions, I rolled out for the first time just now. Rudy could have cleared those missions, but it’s more fun in the 140. Anyway, it was simple stuff; cap one base, hit one damaging shot at range, and do 2000 damage in a Russian tank. Perfect.

I lucked out and ended up in a pretty easy game, even had an afk IS-7 on the red team. I worked myself around the flank together with a Leopard 1, and except for a lag spike towards the endgame, everything went smoothly. I recorded it for posterity, please enjoy my falling off a bridge on Canal and missing a side shot on an E100 at 50 meters:



And so there you have it. I am now officially a Russian Medium tank defector. It’s been a long time coming, but I think in the end it was inevitable. And with the state the Object 140 is in these days, the timing couldn’t be better. Who would have thought the most overpowered tank in the game would ever turn into an underdog?

An underdog, yes. But still a snarling, ferocious beast of a dog; a feral, vicious wolf hybrid that no one wants to come face to face with in an isolated spot, on their own, after dark.

See you out there, Comrades.

Remember Russian bias is real.



Director, Bureau of Obyekt 140 Elitism for the People



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