Test Server Tryhard v. 4.8


Open Test Server Adventures!




So this will be a short one, because 4.8 isn’t really a big update. Once again, Wargaming has allowed us community contributors access, and I’ve just had a quick look at some of the new features.

Two premium tanks have been buffed, the IS-2 and SU-122s; both from the “Berlin” collection. Sadly neither was on my test account, and so I’m not able to report on them.

But the BatChats have gotten a huge increase in ammo capacity, 48 rounds instead of 30, and I did have just enough free XP to get one of those and try it out. Sadly though, running a BatChat on the open test server isn’t necessarily something you want to be doing…


Heads Up Display

But there have been other changes, most of which I really like. There is now a  new tab called “HUD”, where you manage your in game window settingsigs like damage markers, minimap and rangefinder can be found here.

Under the old “Other” tab, you will find language and notification settings, as well as the new “battle chat” selector; one of the best features to be added to the game for a long time in my opinion. You can now select what kinds of messages you want to be able to see in game; here’s what the two tabs look like:


Battle Selector

Another new feature I really like is you now have three options as far as which kind of battles you are queueing up for.

Enabling Supremacy is not done in Settings anymore, but directly right of the “Battle” button, where you now select regular or rating battles. Under these two selections you can check either Encounter, Supremacy, or both, which means no more hopeless waiting to get into a Supremacy game to clear a mission; you can play Supremacy all the time now if you want!

Check either battle type, or both to alternate between them!


BatChat Capacity

So yeah. Not really a lot going on, but the changes that have been made are good ones as far as I’m concerned, very welcome stuff.

Returning to the batchat, as I said you now get 48 rounds to allocate. For me that pretty much means I can run some High Explosive rounds, which I don’t normally do on the French top tier autoloaders. The elitist in me can’t help thinking this is a completely unnecessary buff, though.

As I mentioned, running a BatChat on the test server is not necessarily your best option. This is an open test server, and a lot of people will be driving tanks they don’t own themselves and are curious about. And in most cases it seems, that meand they drive the FV 215b 183 “death star”.

Unless I get access to the IS-2 and SU-122S in the near future, that’s really all I have for now. I will leave you with some gameplay action, test server style.

It turns out having the most death stars on your team isn’t always a good thing…

See you out there!


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