How To Grind Credits Effectively


Grinding Credits




So I blew all my credits on a new Object 140, and for the first time in months and months, I have gone below my buffer limit.

Quite a while ago, I decided I was sick of worrying about credits and that I was going to get a buffer. Three million. If I had less than that, I would concentrate on getting back over the limit. If I had more, I would just drive what I want.

In practice, that means I like to have at least four million, because blowing a million credits does take a while, even if you noob out massively. So five million means no worries at all. And then that becomes six, which is the price of a tier X tank, and that is of course nice to be able to just buy because you feel like it. But then you need another million for stage one equipment, and of course you need three more million so you still have a buffer after you buy that tier X tank, which makes an even ten.

And then it just keeps going. You do your missions and land on a winning streak, and the credits just seem to accumulate. When the Chinese Mediums dropped, I had 23 or 25 million, and I never thought about credits once during the whole grind. After it was done, I had seven or eight million left, and then I bought the 140 which brought me under the limit.

And looking ahead, they say the Chinese Heavy tanks are coming and I want the 113. I don’t have a tier X Heavy tank, and the only one I’m even remotely interested in out of the ones we have today is the AMX 50 B, which is kind of a special case because it’s an autoloader.

Dreaming of future tier X acquisitions


So I thought I’d get myself back up to; what, 14 or 15 million? Oh, and speaking of the AMX 50 B, I need to save up for one of those as well. And the new AMX 30 B which is also coming, which means grinding the French Light tanks. And then I’ll need millions and millions more so I can drive all my super cool tier X tanks for thousands of games and git gud.


So I wasn’t looking forward to all that. All I really want to do right now is drive my new 121, and my new Obj 140 when I get some Vstabs on it, and my newly buffed AMX 50 Foch (155). Grinding credits means driving my tier VII and VIII premium tanks, something like the Löwe or SuperPershing. I love my Löwe and SuperPershing, but I’m just not feeling them at the moment.

There are of course other options. The Rudy is always good. I had a few runs in that, and it’s not hard putting out the damage, which is of course what you want when you are grinding credits.

More importantly though, I really like driving the Rudy. I’ve often said I’d be perfectly happy with just one tank in my garage as long as it was my beloved T-34-85 Rudy, and it’s completely true. I can run hundreds of games; I never get tired of driving it, and you can have some truly brilliant games.

Then there is the Hype 59. I really like driving that as well. It’s like a T-54 without the Russian bias; detuned and dropped down a tier. I don’t think I’ve aced it, actually; I should work on that. The Hype is like my second most driven tank ever, and for good reasons.

But then I remembered something. I do actually have the best credit grinder in the game.


It’s my little Black Dog. That tank is single handedly responsible for at least two thirds of those 23 or 25 million credits I used to have before my communist tank shopping spree.

Grinding credits is not itself very complicated. I switch out the adrenaline for a medkit or fire extinguisher, maybe drop some free premium time from the crates, and try not to take so much damage. Sometimes I’ll run a cheaper camo, or no camo at all.

The trick is finding the right tank. Any premium tank can grind credits, even without a premium account. But if you’re going to make a few millions with it, you want to make sure that you are driving something you won’t get bored out of your skull driving after 30 games, and you also want to drive something you can be reasonably successful in so grinding credits in it is actually worth it. Remember any premium tank can lose credits as well.

For me, the Black Dog is the right tank. It doesn’t have any armour, it has a black paintjob that silhouettes nicely against all backgrounds, and it’s a magnet for all types of shells, especially high caliber High Explosive ones.

But it’s also amazingly fun to drive. It has a few tricks up its sleeve, like high penetration HEP rounds and the highest alpha 90 mm in the game, but basically it’s all about being fast and sneaky. Outplaying your enemies. Taking big risks that end up paying off some of the time.

Also the thing is a licence to print credits. I dropped an hour of free premium this afternoon and raked in seven hundred thousand.

Black Dog raking in the credits


And I had fun doing it. Great fun. Some really good games. I had some steamroll losses as well, but then I just went and got my Rudy and played that while I waited for repairs on the Black Dog.

So yeah. Fifteen million at that rate means maybe seventeen hours of playing, so that’s not bad at all.

Of course I’m not going to keep to that schedule. Almost two weeks left until I get Vstabs on my 140, but I may start driving it as soon as I get the improved controls on it. And I need to grind 50.000 XP or so on my Type 58 so I’m ready for the Chinese Heavys. And the Foches got buffed, and I still want to drive my 121, and all sorts of things.

But I’m not worried about the credits anymore. I had a feeling I was going to have less fun playing in the near future, but that’s just ridiculous because some of my favourite tanks in the game are also my favourite credit grinders. Or some of my favourite credit grinders are also my favourite drives.

Im sure you get the idea. Making credits is a lot easier, and less of a chore once you find the right tank or the right tanks to do it in.

See you out there.


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