Soo… What about the Object 140?


Object 140 Blues




So you guys know I like the Object 140. It used to be my most hated tank in the game, but since it is now a mere shadow of its former self, the 140 now has that underdog appeal I always seem to go for.

So yeah. I am never going to admit the T-62A, or any other tier X Russian Medium tank is outright better than the Object 140, because the way I mean it, I don’t think any one of them ever will be.

But with the latest round of T-62A buffs dropping early this morning, the 140 is certainly at its lowest point ever in terms of being an attractive proposition. It’s like Wargaming simply don’t want people to drive it.

It’s not going to work. Sadly, you might say, because other than the secret plan to make people demand the Object 140 be buffed so it can once again be the best tank in the game; this time with no one complaining about it because they all wanted it to be buffed, clearly what Wargaming is trying to do is make the T-62A more attractive to me.

That is “me” as in the target demographic. I don’t own either of the tier X Russian Mediums, but I like Medium tanks a lot, and I am working towards getting one some day.


Looking cool in the “Terror” warpaint


So with all this candy being waved at me, why isn’t it working? Why won’t I even consider the T-62A? Because the fact is, even if the thing had 600 mm of turret armour, 0.5 seconds of aimtime, 275 pen and 0.01 dispersion, I still wouldn’t drive it.

It was the same with the Centurion 7/1 and the FV 4202. When they had APCR with the highest pen in the game, HEAT rounds and 220 pen HESH rounds, they were like the most OP Mediums in the game. Three types of Premium ammunition meant solid players could put out hilarious amounts of damage, because they would always have the optimal round for any situation.

Me, I wasn’t into it. “Overpowered” is not the same as “interesting” in my opinion. Far from it, in fact. And aside from the fact that winning because your tank and not your gameplay is superior is super boring, overpoweredness never lasts.

Sooner or later the meta will change, or your tank will get nerfed, or other tanks will get buffed around it. The game is in constant change, and not just statistical change, but changes in player behaviour and commonly used strategies. All of a sudden no one is “going bridge” anymore.

So when I write about tanks, or approach a new vehicle, I try to focus on what they are all about; what the idea behind them is, and how you should think about them when you drive them, because even if stuff like penetration and armour values gets changed, a small tank with a big gun is still going to be a small tank with a big gun. It’s going to drive pretty much the same with less firepower or a wider turning circle; you will still want to put yourself in the same kinds of situations to be successful.


Fallen Star part II

I drove my press account Obj 140 with the “Terror” camo this morning, and it still seems to work fine. I rolled up on the hill on mines and pumped out 3200 damage, two kills and a big hunk of spotting damage for an entertaining win.

Lobbing AP rounds at a Tortoise from maybe 200 meters hit and penned the Commander’s hatch every time, I tried to judge if the shells actually move slower now but couldn’t tell.

But yeah. It does feel a little pedestrian now. Regular AP rounds may actually turn out to work better in some situations; retain penetration better at range and not deflect as easily, but it certainly doesn’t feel as… well, glamorous I suppose as having APCR standard. Out of all the other Mediums, only the new Chinese 121 doesn’t have APCR standard at tier X.

And you still have the same, boring old HEAT rounds you used to have, only now they are slightly worse than on the T-62A. I mean if they really wanted to make the two guns different, why not give the 140 APCR for premium rounds?

In any case, with the Object 140 now as lacklustre as I think it can possibly be, it’s getting increasingly difficult for me to keep on claiming it is in fact the best Medium tank in the game, but I do actually still think it is.

On paper, the T-62A is going to look a lot more attractive, and listen very carefully now:

For most players the T-62A is going to be the better choice. I’ve said it before, and nothing has changed as far as that.

But no matter how much you buff the firepower and gun handling on the T-62A, it’s still going to be somewhat limited by its strengths. It now has some standout strengths, but that also means you will want to always put yourself in the kind of situations where those particular strengths will make a real difference.

I will not go as far as trying to say mediocrity sets you free, but the Object 140 is one of the most exquisitely balanced vehicles in the game. It’s still a fire breathing Russian brawler Medium tank, and for Medium tank work, it’s still the best.

There are exactly three things the 140 does better. The gun is more stable on the move. It depresses further. And the tank is faster. Except for a tiny bit of specific power, 5-10 mm of hull armour and 26 mm on the turret side, that is it. End of story.

Well, there are one or two more things. The Object 140, famously, has among the best camo values in the game. And the front plate may be two millimetres thinner, but it’s at a steeper angle by two degrees, so it works a lot better.

So yeah. Not a lot of difference. Two degrees here. Five millimetres there.

In the end, the reason I like the Object 140 better is I just like the way it drives better. It’s geared towards balance, and as I said it may be one of the best balanced vehicles in the game.

But the latest round of, well, lets call it “nerfs” has certainly taken some of the polish off the old 140, and the 62A sure looks brighter and brighter with every new round of buffs.

Like I said, that doesn’t matter to me. I still say you will have your best games in the 140, and not in the 62A, because the 140 is just more versatile. It will keep up with your hare-brained schemes a little better, and help you over the finish line where the 62A will fall short. It’s that kind of tank.

If you are a normie, and prefer reliable and predictable performance, then by all means get the T-62A. Everyone wants you to. I’ll even bet you it’s going to get bufffed again next patch.

I don’t think there is anything I can say that’s going to convince anyone else to get an Object 140, but I at least am still going to. The only thing I can really say about it at this point is that it still works, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

That’s not a huge selling point, I know, and at present, it’s hard to see where the new generations of Object 140 players are going to come from.

Other than being the best Medium tank in the game, there really isn’t a whole lot to recommend it.


I got a comment regarding the above, it’s from Superschnitzelkoenig on the official forum, and I though I’d include it here, because it’s very well argued, and I don’t have anything to add except the M48 Patton may be the best all rounder in the game, but it’s not the best Medium tank:


“As usual a very interesting article. However, while I enjoyed it and I think your general thesis is absolutely correct there is one part that I thoroughly disagree on – and actually I think your own article does, too:

You say: “For most players the T-62A is going to be the better choice. I’ve said it before, and nothing has changed as far as that“.

I think this sentence is the very basis of the misunderstanding of all the outcry about the 62A buffs and you yourself give all the arguments why. You say correctly that – regardless of buffs and nerfs – a tank will retain its basic characteristics. And the basic characteristic of the Obj.140 is that by its very nature it is much more accessible than the 62A for less experienced and mediocre players. It takes a lot of skill to take advantage of the qualities the 62A has over the 140 by its basic design: which is basically the great turret armour.

On the other hand the Obj has many advantages (or lack of disadvantages) that are easy to exploit by “most players” – you tell it in your text: better gun depression, better hull armour (I would add: smaller profile), slightly better mobility and on-the-move gun handling. Or to say it in your words: Balance and versatility.

So, once you realise the Obj.140 by it’s very basic design is the better choice for most players you realise why WG keeps buffing the 62A to an extent it seems so much stronger by stats alone. But it is only stronger if a highly skilled player is driving it, because the highly skilled player will be able to both exploit the inherent characteristics of the 62A and the strong stats it has been given by recent buffs.

For everyone else – or “most players” – the 140 is easily as good a choice as the 62A. Or – as you say it – the best Medium tank in the game.

(Little side note by myself: of course they could also buy a M48 Patton and have the real best Medium tank in the game but I digress.) ”




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