Nearing 20.000 battles!


Sixty-Seven More Games




Yeah. Like the title says. Sixty seven more games and I will hit twenty thousand. It’s a staggering number. Unfathomable. Hard to wrap your head around.

And it’s been a long way. I don’t have a lot in common with myself as a five or six thousand game player anymore, but I still remember what it was like being new to the game. I Remember meeting my first Tiger, getting my first Raseiniai, and the T-34-85 being the most dangerous tank I knew.

But I’d like to think I’ve learned a few things along the way, and I don’t think anyone can doubt I am in fact a bona fide tank philosoper by now. I think I even figured out what “tank philosophy” means, finally.

It’s not very complicated. Anyone who thinks about gameplay, wants to learn, and tries to see the bigger picture is a tank philosopher. It’s just thinking about what you are doing.

For me, it means I write about tanks and tank driving. I am moving my content to a separate site for various reasons, but I will always mainain a forum presence. Wargaming were gracious enough to include me in their Community Contributor program and gave me a press account so I can drive any tank in the game I want for free, and it’s been a very positive experience, being “semi professional” like that. As a bonus, I’ve now also been included in some aspects of pre release testing, which has been even more fun than I thought it would be, if you can believe that.

So yeah. Even if my stats aren’t exactly stellar, I feel pretty accomplished already. I get to write what I want about tanks I like or don’t like, people read my stuff and react to it, often positively, and as long as I can keep a secret, I also get to drive new tanks still in development along with the best players in the game.

I mean if that’s not at least semi Pro, then I don’t know what is.


Future Prospects

First things first. Someone asked me which tank I will drive my 20.000:th game in, and after a moment of deliberation, the choice was clear.

The Leopard 1.

The Leo as the second tier X tank I ever bought (or was it the third? did I get the STB-1 first?), the first being the E50M, and that would be the alternative. I love my big, bruisy E50M, and I always will.

But the Leopard 1 was the first tank I ever felt was unattainable for me. Out of my league. I just couldn’t believe I would ever be at the level where I would even consider owning a tier X Medium tank with no armour.

No matter how good you get, the Leopard 1 will always be a challenge. You get nothing for free in a Leo. And I’m sure some camper death star will ruin the game for me, but I will at least give my self the possibility of having a truly epic game to mark this momentous occasion.

And after that?

Life goes on. I still have to git gud. I still have some tanks to grind, some Premiums to collect and some papers to write.

That’s the thing about having played games in the tens of thousands; your outlook on the game becomes different. Your stats become less and less interesting, and things like game balance, consistency, and vehicular oddities become more interesting. I still play the same game, but I play for very different reasons now.

Or maybe not. Because I still want to git gud. That’s like the underlying goal, and the whole point of all this tank philosophising. The idea behind trying to understand the game better is so you can play the game better. And playing better and understanding what goes on around you better means you also have more fun.

Therefore, basically, tank philosophy is a win-win situation.

That is my conclusion, and I’m sticking to it.

So if you see me out there in my beautiful stripy Leopard in the near future, you may be witnessing my twenty thousandth game. If you are on the green team, lend me a hand and lets win it together. If you are on the red team, you are going down.

Either way, I’ll see you all out there.


Never give up!


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