Chinese Medium Grind: the Verdict!


Chinese Grind Takeaway




So I just finished grinding the 121, which as they say marks the end of the Chinese Medium line.

And it’s been great. It really has.

I did throw a few thousand gold at the grind, mainly to skip through the lower tiers, unlock a few modules, and train the crews on the two top tier tanks. Looking back I will say that made the grind more comfortable, but it’s not at all necessary. A bit frivolous, even.

Still, I wanted to be an “early adopter”, and now I am one.

I ended up keeping six out of ten tanks; the tier II Vickers type B, and then tiers six through ten. I’m not sure I actually need both the T-34-85 and the Type 58, but the Chinese Heavy tank line will most likely start from tier VI, and besides I don’t have the Ace yet. I thought I’d go through my impressions of the ones I’ve decided to keep, and why I decided to both keep the around and spend resources on them.

The Type 58 is the exception; Like I said I’m not sure I’ll keep it in the long run, and besides I don’t think it actually needs equipment past stage I.


Vickers Type B

This one I liked right away. Three shot autoloader at tier II? I was sold on that immediately. Kind of saving it for a rainy day; it’s part of my slowly growing collection of tier II “happy tanks”; fun little tanks that make me happy when I drive them. This one makes me so happy I put improved controls on it.



The “Chinese Whisper” is everything I imagined it would be; amazing fun do drive and really strong in its tier. Has Vstabs already, and I’m working on a more in depth guide to it. I think if you make it this far up the line, you will know whether or not you want to continue through to tier X, and I also think you will lose nothing by trying. The tier VII is worth it.



Tier VIII I thought was going to be a total struggle, but it turns out the tank is a lot stronger and a lot easier to drive than I imagined it would be. Both mobility and aimtime are amazing, and the 122 mm top gun is really satisfying to work with. My T-34-2 just got Vstabs, so looking to revisit this one also.



Amother pleasant surprise. Going up against tier X tanks with a stock or intermediate 100 mm gun isn’t a whole lot of fun, but it can be done. The WZ was more competitive than I thought it was going to be (except in terms of winrate), and my impression is the top 100 mm weapon is a viable option; you can play it like a knockoff T-54 if you want. But the 122 mm is what the tank is all about, and here is where you really start learning the “heavy Medium tank” playstyle.



I only just bough the 121, and have only driven it around the training rooms thus far. It drives the way I remember, and I still like the ride a lot. More than two weeks of waiting on timers, but I am thinking about just driving it anyway and seeing how it goes. I may wait for stage I equipment and drive the press account 121 in the mean time, but after that I don’t think I can stay away; I’m so excited to get into playing it, and playing on the press account is just not the same.

Besides, it can’t hurt to lower the stats of the thing a little now that Wargaming are gathering data for a possible balance adjustments of the 121 in two updates.


The Verdict

So should you go Chinese? Is the Medium line grind worth it?

I would say it is, but that doesn’t mean you should.

I’ve already stated numerous times that if you think these tanks are too similar to Russian Medium tanks, then just drive Russian Medium tanks. They will perform better for you. And having ground through the line myself, I stand by that assessment.

If you are bored with Russian Mediums, or with tier VII-X Mediums in general and looking for something a little different with a little bit of a challenge, then I would say you are a much better candidate for Chinese tanks.

Because they can be a lot of fun. They do have a few tricks up their sleeve, and they’re not super hard to figure out how to drive. If you like the thought of lugging a heavy tank gun around on a Medium tank chassis and trying to figure out the best place to haul it to and set up some shots, then that I think is the fairest description I can give of what driving a higher tier Chinese Medium tank is like.

Chinese Medium tanks aren’t that special, but they are special nonetheless. Surprisingly so, in some cases. If you think you understand what they are all about, and you aren’t put off by the fact they aren’t quite as good as the best tanks in the game, then IrmaBecx says don’t hesitate; start the grind today.

See you out there.



Yea, Chinese Mediums can be a lot of fun. And you’re not going to risk a lot by giving them a try; you will find out pretty soon if they are for you or not.


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