Guerilla Tactics Part I.


This paper is dedicated to the Vanguard clan.

75.000 XP: WZ-120 Guerilla Tactics Pt. I




So I have seventy five thousand XP left until the 121. It’s not been bad. Yea, I threw a bit of gold and free XP at it, but I have several new tanks to show for it.

The little Chinese Assasin the Vickers type B at tier II. Three shot autoloader Pom-Pom? I signed up for that right away. It’s going to teach me how to drive the AMX 50 B one day.

The Type 58 I’ve kept, because I suspect the Chinese Heavy line will start from there. (You will note the latest spy pics from Wargamings twitter shows the tier VII, VIII and IX, and we’ve seen the 113 already.)

The magnificent Chinese Whisper, my little tier VII noob-bomber. I told you all I was going to love it forever. It’s exactly how I imagined it would be.

The T-34-2 was a huge surprise; I thought it was going to be super weak, but I have a First class Pools with five kills and three thousand plus damage that tells me it’s not. It was a complete no-brainer to spend spare parts on it; it’s already so strong in its role, and it’s just gotten the Vstabs. I still don’t expect to hit stuff on the move unless I’m really close, but man; that aimtime. Less than one second.

Finally, there’s the “project”; the WZ-120. It’s only got the improved controls so far, but it’s not like it is struggling unreasonably. I have a feeling that’s really all you need on the WZ, that gun’t not going to get less derpy. You’ll just fail to pen and bounce faster and more often.

I shouldn’t expect to dominate the battlefield of course, but I should be able to play support pretty well and bully weaker tanks once in a while.

The question is, how do you do that, exactly?


Making a Plan

You know me; I like to figure things out. I can’t hear someone say “play to your strengths” or “mitigate incoming damage”, or even “Heavium” without thinking “okay, but what does that actually mean?”. I mean “play to your strengths” isn’t actually far off from just saying “carry harder”.

So instead of being frustrated because I don’t have the 121 yet, I thought I’d try and make some sort of plan for the grind. You may recall I quoted Mao in my preview of the Chinese Medium tanks, and I still think guerilla warfare is the way to be successful driving them.

Basically that means you will keep to the sidelines, away from the action, where your limited fighting ability can actually be useful. You also cooperate with the “People”, which I guess equates the rest of your team, so you can control more and more territory. You then clean out your enemies one by one until you find yourself in a sufficiently superior position to be able to move in and overrun their last strongholds.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

So let’s look at the weapons I have at my disposal to help make all of that happen.



Strengths to Play to

First of all, with 100% crew, improved controls and the tier X engine, the mobility really leaves nothing to be desired. It won’t improve with more spare parts equipment, but as it is, it’s not at all bad. This means I can spot, brawl and run away relocate a little faster.

I keep going on about the aimtime, but it is actually a potent weapon. My main problem is this is a Heavy tank gun; there’s no doubt about it. Yoy have to give it that extra third of a second before you fire so it will settle, and when you actually remember to, it’s just so nice hitting someone with a 122 mm high roll.

As a noob, I brawled Mediums against Edurace and Xenodium, and I never got over it. This is why my winrate is still in the 50:s; I just can’t resist a good brawl. Me and Edurace used to go the full seven minutes against eachother, on the same team so the autoaim wouldn’t work, and shoot until we were out of shells or the time was up. I fancy myself a bit of a Brawling connaiseur.

And I think the WZ brawls well. It’s one of the things I’ve felt I’ve been successful doing. (Yea, that means attaining a high winrate is not one of said things.)

But the thing with brawling is knowing when to brawl, and I fear my stats would show I’m not choosing my battles very well.

Clearly, then; my main strength will have to be tactics, supported by a sound and solid overall strategy. The old Chairman said one should “despise one’s enemy strategically, but take them seriously tactically”.

I am sure that sounds super obscure, but I think in the context of pixel tank warfare, what Mao means is this: The reds, having the stronger tanks, will likely move in a predictable manner. What you need to do is control the territory around them, and the more map control you have, the easier it will be for you to isolate and take down the red tanks one by one. And towards the end, when you both outnumber the reds and control most of the territory, it’s time to move in and clean them up.

Or, if you are a much weaker force, say a lone tank or a team full of Light tanks, it may be better not to fight, but to establish control of as many bases as you can. Sometimes one is enough.

But when you have to fight; and we all need that damage, you need to not underestimate your opponent, because you can’t afford to lose too many hitpoints. It’s no use trying win the endgame without hitpoints.

Also, you shouldn’t be afraid to fight, because establishing map control is what is going to allow you to be successful in the endgame, and that means clearing out tanks. Again, when you do, make sure what you accomplish is worth the expense.

So yea. The TLDR is “No Yolo”, I guess.

Solid strategy.

Also it’s sunday and I have a warehouse full of free Premium time. No boosters, but who gives a Foch about boosters anyway? I don’t need boosters, I have a plan.

And a Chinese knockoff 122 mm Heavy tank gun.

See you out there.


(Stay tuned for part II)


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