Centurion 7/1 and FV 4202 Back from the Dead?


Sooo… Did They Fix the Centurion 7/1?




Short answer? No.

Looking at the stats on the test server Centurion 7/1 and FV 4202, what has happened is that both tanks now have two guns to choose from; the HEAT version being the “first” option, and then I suppose you have to grind out another tier X weapon to get the HESH variant.

When I first heard about this, I was mildly expectant. HEAT rounds, to me, are finnicky, unreliable, and I just don’t like using them.

The reason I started grinding the 7/1 and FV 4202 was they had HESH rounds. I enjoyed the playstyle; having to plan your shots and using every opportunity to increase your damage output with either the low- or high penetration squash head shells was a lot of fun, and it turned what were otherwise pretty mediocre Medium tanks into something unique and interesting.

I stopped playing my Centurion 7/1 when they added the HEAT shells, and after that, as you may recall, they added the 210 mm penetration HESH also, which meant you basically had three kinds of premium shells; APCR, HEAT and HESH. Good players were racking up the damage so much they had to dial it back a few notches.

Me, I still didn’t drive it. “Overpowered” is not the same as “interesting” as far as I am concerned.

So what has happened now? Well, they gave both the FV 4202 and the Centurion 7/1 back their APCR/HESH/HESH guns, with the same 255/210/105 penetration they used to have. Thus far, all good.

But they also let the HEAT variants keep their slightly nerfed, 170 mm penetration, non premium HESH shells, instead of giving them the same 105 mm low penetration HESH the other guns get. Pen numbers are 255/300/170, same as before. The reload is also the same; I get 8.8 seconds on my 7/1.


Centurion 7/1 – HEAT gun:


Centurion 7/1 – HESH gun:

What I thought was going to happen was you would have to choose between HEAT and HESH for your premium ammunition. What has in fact happened is you now get to choose between having HEAT and HESH, or having HESH only.

That’s not what I was hoping for, and I can’t see why the HEAT versions of the FV 4202 and Centurion 7/1 get what is basically a completely overpowered HE round, with like three times the penetration of any other Medium tank of the same tier.

It’s not because of the standard ammunition; both tanks have the joint highest APCR penetration of all tier IX or X Mediums: 255 mm. They also seem to have the same reload they had before; the only difference I can spot on the test server is the two gun option.

In a way, this is a win for the HESH traditionalists. We do get the option to run HESH only, without having to deal with unreliable HEAT shells. But since the HEAT guns get 170 mm of penetration on their HE shells, I wouldn’t call it a very serious option, and you certainly don’t have to choose between HEAT and HESH; what you are in fact choosing is HEAT or no HEAT.

And if you are grinding your way up the line, there is no way to avoid running the HEAT guns, because both of them are first in line in the tech tree so to speak; you have to grind them out before you can get to the HESH variants.

My 7/1 is fully researched, but I decided not to get the FV 4202; the more they tried to “fix” these tanks, the less I cared about them. Remains to be seen whether I actually have to grind the “new” gun on my 7/1, or if it will be unlocked already.

If it turns out I have to grind it, I don’t think I’m going to bother.

See you out there.



In the news today, it says the “new” HESH gun will cost 100 XP to unlock. I can live with that. It also says the HESH rounds on the HEAT firing weapon will be nerfed from 170 mm penetration to 105 mm pen, which is great news. That means you do actually have to choose between HEAT and HESH, as intended.


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